· March, 2006

Stories about Migration & Immigration from March, 2006

DRC Diasporas Organize to Vote in June Election

  17 March 2006

Renouveau Congolais lauds (FR) efforts by Congolese diasporas in the United Kingdom and the United States to pressure the DRC's electoral commission for voting centers in host countries and encourages Congolese the world over to launch similar efforts. Despite the electoral commission's decision not to allow diaspora voting, the UDPS’...

Nigeria: Georgia on my mind

  15 March 2006

Nigeria tech blog, Oro reports from Atlanta, Georgia where he takes the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King Center and takes a walk around the historic Black city.

Dating the Diaspora

  14 March 2006

Oranckay picks up on a very specific post by a Chinese American businesswomen and wannabe wife and mother on an online dating site, drawing a variety of comments from visiting males.

Korea: Metrosexuals, men, manicures

  9 March 2006

The Asia Pages rhapsodizes about Korean men, berating herself as a defector and a racist for doing so. “Korean guys do something that absolutely drives me nuts and it is related to their soft hands, skin and groomed nails,” she says in defense of male manicures–and her own predilections.

Africa: Searching for your roots

  9 March 2006

Ethnic Loft comments about the growth in genealogy in the US amongst African Americans seeking to trace their ancestoral roots. “South African has introduced a different twist to the topic by using geneology to lure tourists to the country. South Africans and international tourists are being invited to test and...

Diaspora: Offensive degrading adverts

  3 March 2006

Molara Wood reports on an advert for a film called “Date Movie”. She asks that “If you view the advert as offensive, degrading, or poor taste please take the time to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority which investigates complaints of taste and decency and has upheld similar complaints in...

Immigrants in France

  3 March 2006

France Watcher posts a response to their blog by a reader from France. The person strongly disagrees with the motives and facts of France Watcher – interesting read.