· November, 2006

Stories about Migration & Immigration from November, 2006

Armenia: Deti Picasso

  30 November 2006

At Life in the Armenian Diaspora, Raffi Meneshian reviews “Ethnic Experiments” from Deti Picasso, a band based in Russia with two Armenian members. Onnik Krikorian has more on the band and thoughts on the Armenian music scene.

Japan: fingerprinting foreigners

  28 November 2006

Joe in Multantfrog blogs about the newly introduced foreigner registration system in Japan, which requires foreigners to give the immigration a copy of their criminal / fingerprinted record.

India: The NRI Marriage and Dowry

  25 November 2006

A blogger at Together We Bond shares a heartbreaking story of a marriage that fails because of the husband's demand for dowry. “Then came the expectations. He wanted $25000 from my parents that too to be transferred to his account immediately. Initially I did not comprehend why?”

Guyana: Melancholy and migration

  22 November 2006

After her brother returns to England, Guyana-Gyal muses on personal melancholy and the more general issue of migration: “I don’t think people here recover yet from the splintering of families, from massive migration. We tear away from old lands to here, from here to new lands, and them tears still...

African Diaspora: color or appearance?

  22 November 2006

An anonymous reader responds to Black Looks’ post, “You are a blackman, you have to leave”: “Service was refused to this man based on his appearance not his race. If anyone has strong enough evidence than I to contest this statement I would like to know. We are a tolerant...

Esperantoland through Pictures / Esperantujo tra Bildoj

  22 November 2006

Only one more month until Esperanto Day! If you would like to participate you can sign up here, especially if you would like help with translation. Nur unu monato ĝis Esperanto-Tago! Se vi volus partopreni, vi povas enskribiĝi ĉi tie, speciale se vi deziras helpon je tradukado. Welcome back for...

Belize: Garifuna Settlement Day

  20 November 2006

Lee Vanderwalker offers some historical background to Garifuna Settlement Day, which is observed in Belize on November 19, and commemorates the 174th anniversary of the Garifuna people's arrival in Belize. Lee's post also includes a link to music samples by Belizean Garifuna musician and activist Andy Palacio.

Africa/US: mistreatment of Ngugi wa Thiong'o

  20 November 2006

The mistreatment of Ngugi wa Thiong'o in California, “After a relaxing morning of a good walk and breakfast, he returned to his hotel to sit in the veranda section of the Hotel restaurant reading his newspaper. What happened next could have been a scene from a pre-Civil Rights Era of...

Madagascar: What Happens When We Live Abroad

  18 November 2006

At Madagascar Croissance, Aiky reflects (Fr) on social dynamics among Malagasies living abroad. Says the blogger: “What is good about Malagasies is their friendliness and hospitality especially those living in Madagascar and those who have left recently. By contrast, these values evaporate once we live abroad, especially when we move...

Blogging About India, NRIs, Bollywood and Ice Cricket

  16 November 2006

New blog aggregator, what does it take to buy a home in Bangalore, NRIs, English  Bollywood , ice cricket are some of the things we look in this round-up. There is a new blog aggregator from India with a different voice.  Check it out, it is called Blog Bharti. The...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sevdah Music in London

  15 November 2006

East Ethnia links to the London-based fans of traditional Bosnian music: “Turbo folk, in my opinion, has killed the real values of our region. One of those values is Sevdah music (in its original shape and form). This is why I am putting my best efforts into resurrecting this and...

India: An American Child

  13 November 2006

Even when parents don't plan to stay outside of India for too long, they try and give birth to children in the US despite the lack of family support. The Mad Momma explains “It was just one thing – and they all made it abundantly clear – the fact that...

Bangladesh: Segregating and Bengali Classes

  13 November 2006

a bengali in TO writes on sex-segregated schools in Canada and the Middle East, reflecting on personal experiences. “The reason Bengali class was so popular was that it was the only subject that was taught combined. So the scheduling would be such that Bengali boys would join the girls of...

Ethiopian bloggers take on female genital mutilation

  8 November 2006

The highly sensitive subject of female genital mutilation dominated much of the Ethiopian blogosphere over the past week. The sudden interest was sparked by news that an Ethiopian man had been jailed for 10 years in the US for aggravated battery and cruelty to children after prosecutors claimed he had...

India: Hyphenated identites and on turning Canadian

  7 November 2006

What does it mean to change one's nationality? Lotus Reads on the occasion of turning Canadian. “few years ago saying they were Indian-Canadians would have seemed unpatriotic, but these days it seems everyone is happy to embrace their hyphenated identities, so I say it with pride: my kids are Indian-Canadians!”