· February, 2006

Stories about Migration & Immigration from February, 2006

Singapore: Missing Singaporeans

  28 February 2006

Littlespeck.com wonders where are all the missing Singaporeans. The number of new registered voters has risen slowly, despite a rising population, leading to the conclusion that many Singaporeans are going overseas to work, study or do business.

Ukraine: Two Babushkas

  24 February 2006

Stefan of Dykun continues with his Ukrainian grandmother‘s story: how the languages and dialects Baba Omaha can speak – Ukrainian Poltava and Ukrainian Galician, Polish, Czech, Russian, German and Belarusian – reflect her life experiences. The Ranger of NVASHAG tells of his Ukrainian mother-in-law: Babushka Maria is turning 70 next...

Diaspora: Racism

  24 February 2006

African Immigrants reporting from Australia writes that the Australian government is demanding the new immigrants accept Aussie values.….”He has bluntly warned the radical Muslims and other migrants to respect the laws and liberties of the Australian nation or lose their right to citizenship.”

Ukraine: Boston Diaspora Church

  21 February 2006

Greg of Reflections on Ukraine provides a link to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Andrew in Boston, built in 1954 and serving a Diaspora community whose history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The church's calendar has an unlikely feature: an RSS feed.

Radio Africa FM

  20 February 2006

The Voice of Africa Radio has been awarded an FM licence. David Ajao's writes “In a nutshell, VOAR is London’s first African radio station….“The station was launched to act as a true Pan-African voice for the African community…. (it) has a strong speech commitment, providing phone-in discussion programmes for local...

Another Chechen Perspective on Danish Cartoons

  15 February 2006

As Ilias Musayev, Copenhagen spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Independent Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya, shares his views on the Danish cartoons and other issues, David McDuff of A Step At A Time writes that “the West could certainly afford to take a few lessons from Chechens...

Racial diversity in London

  14 February 2006

Soul on Ice discusses racial diversity in London……….”Pakistanis hate Indians for some obscure reason. Jamaicans dislike Nigerians who have nothing good to say about them. People of Jewish extraction are always looked upon with some senseless suspicion. But still we cross-pollinate and a run to my local market in Deptford...

Myanmar: Interview with Shan King's Son

  14 February 2006

Burma Digest has an interview with Harn Yawnghwe, the youngest son of the last ruler of the Shan State kingdom of Yawnghwe, who now lives in exile and participates in the democracy movement.

Story of a Ukrainian Grandmother: Baba Omaha

  14 February 2006

Stefan from Dykun tells a story of his grandmother, who was kidnapped and brought to Nazi Germany – like many other Ukrainians – to work at a munitions factory at the age of 17. When the war ended, she didn't return to the Soviet Union but escaped to the United...

The Koreans vs. Those From Overseas

  12 February 2006

The Asia Pages discusses how to tell a Gyopo (overseas Korean) from a Korean national at the dinner table and elsewhere in Korea. The writer opines that to deny the difference between the two is to deny one's true identity.

African women's voices this week

  12 February 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman comments on the predominance of old men in Kenyan politics and government. She questions how old fashioned men acting out old fashioned politics chose John Githongo to head the anti-corruption drive. Possibly it was because they thought he was so young he would not...