· April, 2010

Stories about Media & Journalism from April, 2010

Jamaica: Crime Stats

  16 April 2010

“Since the start of the year, some 463 persons have been murdered”: YardFlex.com laments the escalating Jamaican crime rate.

Haiti: Back to School

  16 April 2010

“You could see some parents crying by the streets watching other neighborhood kids leaving for class; their kids had gone to school once, on January 12th, and never came back”: For Inside Disaster, Emmanuel Midi reports on back to school time in Haiti.

Honorable Mention for Threatened Voices at Journalism Fest in Italy

  16 April 2010

Threatened Voices has received an Honorable Mention in the first Digital Heretics journalism award, established at the upcoming International journalism festival in Perugia, Italy (April 21-25). The project coordinator and GV author Sami Ben Gharbia, will be rewarded with a Kodak Zi8 videocamera during a special event with guest speakers...

China: 3D newspaper

  16 April 2010

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI introduces the first 3D newspapers in China, the Shiyan Evening News.

China: Propaganda order Google calendar

  15 April 2010

Chinese journalists have over the past two years become more open about discussing news blackout orders received from propaganda departments. Those on Twitter have recently begun posting the contents of these orders to a shared Google calendar which can be found here.

Haiti: Controversial Statistics

  14 April 2010

The Haitian Blogger contends that, contrary to some mainstream media messages, “Haiti does NOT have the ‘worst HIV infection rate in the region’.”

Barbados: Media Options

  14 April 2010

“Make, break or ignore”: According to Allegiance, “these seem to be the options that the media currently have before them in Barbados.”

Thailand: Last images from camera of slain reporter

  14 April 2010

Reuters uploaded photos from the camera of its slain photographer Hiro Muramoto who was covering the Red Shirt protest in Thailand. An investigation is ongoing about how the crackdown on the protest became violent last Saturday.

Japan: The Nikkei stops free links

  14 April 2010

Andy in Tokyo wrote a post [en] on the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei Shimbun's new policy, according to which “linking to any of its articles – and even its home page – now requires a written application.”

Cuba: Hunger Strike Victory

  13 April 2010

Cuban political prisoner Dr. Darsi Ferrer has ended his hunger strike “after officials said they would meet his demands”, which Uncommon Sense says is “good news for freedom in Cuba” and suggests that “it's now more than time for the regime to similarly bring an end to a hunger strike...

Central Asia: Writing “About Each Other, For Each Other”

  12 April 2010

Sarah Kendzior of Registan.net writes about the significance of Kyrgyzstan's and Central Asian social media and points out some external observers’ distorted view of them: “There is another internet, a secret internet, in which meaningful political conversations take place in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Turkmen, and Tajik, yet the majority of...

China: Chinese version of ChinaGeek

  12 April 2010

China Geek announced the launching of its Chinese version. The blog will translate China commentary from the English-language blogosphere, giving Chinese readers a view into the Western discourse on China and a way to get involved in that discourse.