· July, 2007

Stories about Literature from July, 2007

Jordanian Blogosphere | Celebrating Petra The World Wonder

It's been an interesting few days on the Jordanian blogosphere and Naseem Tarawnah brings us the latest in this review. Jordanians are celebrating the inclusion of Petra among the Seven World Wonders, discussing the archaic (and outlawed) tradition of shooting guns during traditions and pondering on the effectiveness of traditional marriages.

Palestine: Palestinians Celebrate Alan Johnston's Release

From the sad news of a death of a 31-year-old mother waiting to cross into Palestine from the Rafah Crossing to celebrations over the release of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, Palestinian blogs this week are abuzz with activity. Ayesha Saldanha reports how one Canadian-Palestinian blogger is ashamed to be an Arab and how another expresses her disbelief at how veiled women are being discriminated against in Jordan.

Poland: Illogical Censorship

Boo is perplexed by what gets censored in Poland and what doesn't: “That Paul Coelho book with a cover that shows a baby's finger pointing at a nipple […] has a big black box over the nipple on all the posters around Warsaw. But, the magazine that has the terrible...

Bahamas: Hurricanes and Global Warming

  5 July 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit refers to a book by science journalist Chris Mooney, which links hurricanes with the battle over global warming: “This has enormous implications – particularly for us in the Bahamas – because strong hurricanes cause dramatically more destruction than weak ones when they hit land.”

Newsmakers: Bangla blog world engages in celeb talk

  2 July 2007

A few weeks back, the celebrity heiress Paris Hilton went in and out of jail and the media lapped up her every move. We learnt about her diet, beauty regimen, ‘mysterious’ illness and even her remorse. Paris herself made the best of this opportunity and promised to pen a jail...