· September, 2007

Stories about Literature from September, 2007

Jordan: Read Sultana

  7 September 2007

Lina Ejeilat, from Jordan, encourages her readers to read a controversial book called Sultana by Jordanian author Ghalib Halassah, whose works were banned in Jordan.

Trinidad & Tobago: Service Before Self?

  6 September 2007

“I've observed people during my lifetime, and there is typically one general reason why people do anything: Self interest”: KnowProSE.com wonders, “When does self interest actually step aside for community interest? Does it?”

Grenada: Faith or Fiction?

  6 September 2007

“People shy away from the secularization of their fiction. Fantasy is by its very nature SPIRITUAL”: Tobias Buckell refers to essays by Guy Stewart to stimulate discussion about science fiction and Christianity.

Jamaica: Strong Writers

  5 September 2007

Far from being “soft”, Jamaican Geoffrey Philp believes that “the more I read the blogs of my fellow Caribbean writers…the more I know that these writers have the hearts of warriors.”

Latvia, Russia: Language Issue

  4 September 2007

Marginalia writes on the “language issue” in Latvia – and in Russia: “Over at the corner store, after years of learning to shop in Russian, I finally asked whether the cashier ever planned to learn the word for milk in Latvian (it being emblazoned in large letters on every carton...

Iran:Reading “The Dispossessed”

  4 September 2007

Freekeyboard says [Fa]when you leave Iran,you can enjoy visting bookstores and reading many books that you can not find them in Iran.The blogger says he found,”The Dispossessed” in Dubai.The book is a science fiction, written by Ursula le Guin.