· March, 2007

Stories about Literature from March, 2007

Jamaica, Ghana: The trans-national book that might still be

  7 March 2007

Half-Jamaican, half-Ghanaian poet Kwame Dawes posts a lovely and atmospheric meditation on the occasion of Ghana's 50th anniversary of independence: “A more responsible poet, a genuinely nationalist writer, would have planned the publication of his next book to coincide with this date. He would have written an epic poem with...

Israel: New Must Read Book

Israeli blogger Danya Ruttenberg says Virgin: The Untouched History is the next must read book! The book, which even has its own blog, has “lots of commentary about virginity-related issues in the contemporary world (think honor killings, abstinence education, Virgin Mary sightings, etc)” says the blogger.

Cuba, Colombia: Meeting Gabo

  6 March 2007

On the occasion of the writer's 80th birthday, el Cubano de la isla meditates upon (es) a fleeting encounter between Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez and Ernest Hemingway in Paris: “The sad thing is that when wake up tomorrow, I'm not going to be in Paris, but in Havana, and...

Bangladesh: On South Asia, Literature and Identity

  6 March 2007

black and gray in conversation with author Sikeena Karmali. “I do believe that English has become a part of the South Asian linguistic identity in that South Asians have very much taken the language and made it theirs so that today, the English of South Asia has its own distinct...