· September, 2006

Stories about Literature from September, 2006

The Table of Free Voices

  10 September 2006

Bebelplatz, a square in Berlin, situated near to state opera and the Humboldt University buildings has an infamous past. Seventy Three years ago (1933) Nazi youths instigated by their Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels burned around 20,000 books, including works by Thomas Mann, Erich Maria Remarque, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx and...

Jamaica: 5 Questions with Kwame Dawes

  8 September 2006

Geoffrey Philip publishes the second in his “Five Questions with. . . ” series on Caribbean writers. This week he interviews Ghana-born, Jamaica-bred poet Kwame Dawes.

Jamaica, USA: Writers’ retreat

  8 September 2006

Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp pays homage to a writers’ retreat in Seaside, Florida where he once spent a month living “what is every writer’s dream: waking up in a windswept villa by the sea, writing, having breakfast while watching whitecaps, then writing some more after lunch. . . . “

Lebanon: Peace, Art, Humor and Politics

  5 September 2006

Topics discussed in the Lebanese blogosphere this week involved, among others, literature, war-art, the art of souvenir production and war-humor. Peace is a topic that is almost always present. A few samples discussing and dissecting the concept of peace with Israel has been selected for this week’s roundup. In addition to these we have historical account, from a personal view point, of one blogger who lived the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and what followed.

Rwanda: Remembering Genocide

  4 September 2006

Enanga’s pov reviews the book Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust, a survivor’s personal account of the genocide. Holding the sustained memory of the Jewish holocaust as a point of comparison, blogger Rosemary states that despite the many books written about Rwanda, there will never be enough.

Cambodia: Personal Information Technology aka Weblog Workshop

  3 September 2006

More and more Cambodians are getting introduced to blogging through organized workshops at universities in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. The Cambodian blogopshere is probably as not big as any others in the region as the number of Internet users is one of the lowest in Southeast Asia....

Bangladesh blog buzz

  3 September 2006

The latest opinions and views from the Bangladeshi blogs including refugees, gender equity, energy, human rights, politics, international relations, culture and cyber society etc. issues:

Cuba: Ricardo Pau-Llosa

  1 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp kicks off his series of “Five Questions” interviews with Caribbean writers by talking to Cuban-American author Ricardo Pau-Llosa.

Bangladesh: Tablighi Movement

  1 September 2006

imperfect world 2006 on a book discussing the Tablighi movement. “The above book actually starts off with his stint in the Tablighi movement – where he ends up running away with a young (white) girl and takes her home to his parents! Now, Sardar has new light to shed on...