· August, 2012

Stories about Literature from August, 2012

Venezuela: Preserving the Oral Traditions of the Plains

  31 August 2012

The oral traditions of the plains are brilliant protagonists of the culture that has spread to other regions of Venezuela. Many natives of the Venezuelan plains use social networks and other Web 2.0 tools to spread, highlight, and preserve these traditions.

EU in Crisis: First E-Book by Global Voices

  27 August 2012

"EU in crisis" is the first production of our new Global Voices Books project and includes the best material from social conversation, participation and mobilization boosted by citizens going through the tough times of austerity in the old continent and beyond.

Brazil: Prisoners Get Four Days Off Sentence Per Book Read

  8 August 2012

Recently, the government of Brazil launched a new initiative whereby reading books related to classic national literature, science or philosophy can reduce prisoners' jail sentences. However, according to a 2006 report 8% of the country's inmates were illiterate and 70% hadn't completed primary education.

Venezuela: Culture of the Plains on the Internet

  3 August 2012

To know the culture of the Venezuelan plains, one needs to get to know their citizen media. With this post we start a series on the Venezuelan plains and their culture on the Internet. In this first installment we share an overview of the territory and its culture, and present some citizen media on the subject.