· September, 2009

Stories about Literature from September, 2009

Suriname: R.I.P. Henk Tjon

  21 September 2009

Celebrated Surinamese playwright and theatre director Henk Tjon died in Paramaribo on 18 September, 2009. The Bahamas-based Ringplay Productions blog remembers “his passion and his eloquence on the subject of the role of the arts in Caribbean society.”

Puerto Rico: Debate on Censorship

  21 September 2009

The Department of Education of the government of Puerto Rico recently eliminated five books from the eleventh grade curriculum of the public school system. Numerous writers and artists in Puerto Rico publicly voiced their concerns and described the government's action as censorship. The Puerto Rican blogosphere reacts to the controversy.

Dominican Republic: three poets

  18 September 2009

Repeating Islands features a new bilingual edition of poems by three women writers from the Dominican Republic: Aída Cartagena Portalatín, Angela Hernández Núñez, and Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo. “Each of them addresses shared political and cultural issues, illuminating what it means to be a woman living in the modern day Dominican Republic.”

Trinidad and Tobago: a tribute to Wayne Brown

  18 September 2009

B.C. Pires writes an eloquent tribute to the Trinidadian writer Wayne Brown, who died on 14 September, 2009. “Wayne’s greatest gift … was the illustration of the relationship between the artist and his work.”

Botswana: What Botswana Creative Writers Need

  17 September 2009

Lauri writes about creative writing and writers in Botswana: “I was told once that when the English Department at the University of Botswana suggested they start a creative writing programme there the vice chancellor asked – what for?”

Trinidad and Tobago: Anton Nimblett's stories

  14 September 2009

gspottt posts a review of a new book of short stories by US-based Trinidadian writer Anton Nimblett: “Sections of an Orange is … perhaps the first work of literature to portray Trinidadian men who both love other men and are not psychologically conflicted or destroyed by their sexuality.”

Jamaica: Truth & Laughter

  10 September 2009

“If death is the closing parenthesis on the fiction of every human life, then humor is the asterisk that proclaims the dignity of human life despite the many absurdities”: Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp explains.

Suriname: On “Someni Tongo”

  3 September 2009

“I think art is exactly and only about this: the need to create and express what is uniquely inside you, and to do so because you have no choice”: Chandra van Binnendijk, guest blogging at Paramaribo SPAN, shares her impressions of Dutch artist Arnold Schalks's Someni Tongo project, “which examined...

Bahamas: The Play's The Thing

  3 September 2009

Ward Minnis continues his series of posts on Bahamian art, saying: “If you want to be a professional creative writer in the Bahamas you are going to have to be some kind of playwright. It really is that simple.”

Japan: How to make a business book

  3 September 2009

Mrs. Yumiko Oshiba (干場弓子), President Director of Discover [ja], describes [ja] how is the workflow like in a publish company specialized in business books. Five seem to be the most decisive phases: 1) finding an author and/or a project, 2) deciding how to structure the book and writing coaching, 3)...