· November, 2007

Stories about Literature from November, 2007

Turkey: Hidden Armenians

  25 November 2007

Blogian says that Amazon.com has announced the date for the release of the English translation of ”My Grandmother: A Memoir,” a book by Turkish human rights lawyer who discovered her Armenian roots when she was became an adult.

Caribbean: Blogalization

  21 November 2007

What does the term "blogalization" mean to the Caribbean? In this post, a few regional bloggers weigh in. Guyana-Gyal said: "I don't know who coined it…I first used it in June, then found others have been using it before. In some small way, can blogging for the Caribbean be like globalization?..."

Brazil: Books for Black Consciousness Day

  20 November 2007

To celebrate the Black Pride today in Brazil, The Spectacled Bear recommends a list of books on the subject: “As this blog is principally about books and is principally aimed at English speakers in Brazil, I want to recommend some great books available on Afro-Brazilian themes for kids, i.e. in...

Cameroon: Bate Besong's Beasts of No Nation

  20 November 2007

A study of Beasts of No Nation, a work by Cameroonian playwright: “Bate Besong is one of the most renown Cameroonian playwright of English expression, besides Bole Butake, Victor Epie Ngome and John Nkemngong, who is of the younger generation of Cameroonian playwrights in English.”

Jamaica: Blogging for Literature

  20 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp reflects on the mission of his blog: “We need to preserve our literature. For what else is literature but memory and promise: who we thought we have been and what we imagine ourselves to be.”

China: Writing Together

  20 November 2007

Kuanfeng introduces (zh) a website 17xie.com that encourage users to write together. The website provides help to publication with real papers.

Nigeria: Helon Habila Tour

  19 November 2007

Naija Blog on Helon Habila tour in Nigeria: “Helon Habila in conversation with Toni Kan – NuMetro Media Store, Lagos, yesterday evening. Thanks to the 80 or so who turned up – it was a memorable encounter..”

Iran: Gabriel García Márquez's book was banned

  19 November 2007

“A Memory of My Melancholy Whores”,Gabriel García Márquez's highly acclaimed book,was banned in Iran. Translators were able to get approval of government by changing book's title into “Memories of My Melancholy Sweethearts”.Finally the book was banned.Now thanks to Khabgard,we learn whole book is available on internet.Free.