· October, 2007

Stories about Literature from October, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: In Search of Lessing

  31 October 2007

Jeremy Taylor can’t find copies of Doris Lessing’s work – in fact, “no one had even heard of her…what's going on here? Has the Nobel Prize become irrelevant, even to today's frenetic marketeers?”

Lebanon: Arts and Artists

  29 October 2007

The Lebanese blogosphere is not solely composed of political blogs you know, and thank God for that. Some artists are using blogs to display their paintings, music and other artistic creations. Moussa Bashir tours the blogosphere, opening up a whole new world of culture and arts.

Iran:Bookstores in trouble

  25 October 2007

Iranian government clamps down on bookstores’ coffee shops.Kaghz Pareh says[Fa] that he does not understand the reasons of government's decision in a country where not many people read books.

India: Book Review, The Indian Clerk

  23 October 2007

Jabberwock on David Leavitt's The Indian Clerk – “In essence this is a fictionalised account of the real-life collaboration between G H Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan in the years 1913-1919, a collaboration that led to some of the most important mathematical advances of the century.”

Haiti: Danticat Reviewed

  22 October 2007

“Brother I'm Dying, the latest of Danticat's books, is a climax of that characteristic folktale and memoir unveiling,” writes Matt at Haiti Innovation, as he reviews the author's newest offering.

Bahrain: The times they are a-changin'…

  22 October 2007

Many of Bahrain's bloggers are either lamenting or advocating change of one kind or another this week, whether concerning family celebrations, employment practices, political priorities – or even footwear, writes Ayesha Saldanha, in her latest round up of the Bahraini blogosphere.

Bangladesh: Art, Brick Lane, female writers and Bangla E-Books

  19 October 2007

Enough with politics that usually dominate the posts in the Bangladeshi blogosphere. Let's start this week's round-up with some arts, movies and literature related pieces. Sid of Serious Golmal writes a well informative article on the life of S M Sultan, the master painter of Bangladesh commemorating his 13th death...

Trinidad & Tobago: Reviewing Naipaul

  16 October 2007

“I never thought I’d see the word ‘feeling’ appear in the title of a V.S. Naipaul book. Has Sir Vidia gone fluffy on us?” asks Andre Daniel Bagoo, as he reviews the author's latest offering.

Jamaica: Doris Lessing

  15 October 2007

Croaking Marley admits he was “way off” in not considering Doris Lessing as a contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature.