· September, 2006

Stories about Literature from September, 2006

India: Project Why

  29 September 2006

Online fundraising can be rather creative. Ammani invites readers to give her three random words, so she can weave a tale out of it and the reader can donate to a project.

Chatter in Virtual India…

  29 September 2006

Blogging, Festivals, an updated version of Gods, travel, rare flowers, President Mush of Pakistan, films and water art are some of the things that we look in this round-up of virtual India. BLOGGING: A couple of months ago bloggers in India were prevented from accessing their favorite blogs. A group...

Ukraine: Babiy Yar Massacre's 65th Anniversary

  28 September 2006

Stones and flowers were laid at the Babiy Yar Memorial in Kyiv Wednesday, to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the 1941 massacre – by Veronica Khokhlova In 1941, at least 33,771 Kyiv Jews were shot by the Nazis on Sept. 29 and Sept. 30, in the Babiy Yar ravine of...

Jamaica: “Calabash poem”

  27 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp writes about a poem of his that's been “roundly rejected” by several publishers, and offers us a chance to read it.

Bahamas: Doing what you love

  25 September 2006

“. . . the humanity of the Bahamian citizen has been compromised. We allow ourselves and our reality to be defined by other people, because we have made it difficult, if not impossible, for our creative artists to make a living doing what they love,” writes Nicolette Bethel.

Jamaica: Dub poet

  25 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp posts the latest in his series of “Five Questions” interviews with Caribbean authors. This week his interviewee is Jamaican dub poet Malachi.

Ethiopia: new book from a jailed politician

  20 September 2006

Ethiopian Paradox informs us about a new book written by the jailed mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dr. Berhanu Nega, “As or When the Dawn of Freedom Breaks”: “It makes compelling reading when the author is in jail and his pen, head, heart and spirit- together and in unison defy...

Kenyan military secrets revealed

  17 September 2006

A Kenyan blogger's reaction to a new published biography of General Lazarus Sumbeiywo, who was the chief negotiator of the Sudan peace process, “It is rapidly emerging that the new biography released by General Lazarus Sumbeiywo last week (written by East African Standard journalist Waithaka Waihenya) has many inconsistencies that...

Jamaica: Philp book meme

  13 September 2006

Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp takes up the challenge of a book meme. Among the things he mentions is an e-book dedicated to bashing his first collection of short stories!

Sri Lanka: Black July

  13 September 2006

Nirmal Jayasinghe on a book ‘July’ set in the backdrop of Black July. “This was a very touching book. It’s mainly about a love between a Tamil boy and Sinhalese girl. Although their families are friends, they oppose their marriage due to caste, race and various other reasons.”

India: Eternal Ganesha

  13 September 2006

Kamla Bhatt interviews author Gita Mehta about her new book ‘Eternal Ganesha’. “Eternal Ganesha is an illustrated coffee table book that provides an updated and comprehensive story of Ganesha, along with the cultural and political underpinnings of the Remover of Obstacle’s role in Indian society.”

The Kannada Context: Post-modernist. Post-9/11. Concerns.

  11 September 2006

Firstly, let us remember the victims of 9/11. Let us wish that the world leaders gather enough sense and courage to fight the root cause of terrorism, and not just resort to paranoiac ways like “racial profiling”. Like they say do not attribute malice to that which can be sufficiently...

Lebanon: Field Trips, Wardrobe Personification and Poetry

  11 September 2006

Have you wondered why most women like shoes? Or can blogging be life threatening? Then read on and see what answers the Lebanese Blogosphere has. This week’s blogs have topics that are as serious as a threat to a fellow blogger for his political cartoons and as light hearted as...