· March, 2006

Stories about Literature from March, 2006

African women blogging this week

  26 March 2006

It is that time of the year for those of us in the Diaspora, long nights and dark days in Europe set the heart and mind to thinking of life at home. Mshairi expresses her homesickness through a poem “Home (Again)” I want to stand by the shore as graceful...

The Week That Was in Bahrain

Once again the island bloggers venture away from their shores to report international and regional events in a turbulant world where freedom and human rights are challenged on a daily basis. Away from politics, they continue to delve in culture, arts and literature.

New blogger in Uganda – HipFlaskSwigger

  24 March 2006

Peoplehouse is a recently-started blog which appears to be by Ugandan journalist David Kaiza and consists, so far, of selected pieces of his writing. His most recent post is an appreciation of the novelist V.S. Naipaul written in the year that Naipaul won the Nobel prize for literature.

Venezuela: Land Settlement and Venezuelan Literature

  23 March 2006

Oil Wars has a post on the recent settlement between the Venezuelan government and British magnate Lord Vestey who had owned land there, describing it as “the type of news that tends not to get much attention in the opposition controlled media.” Venepoetics ends a literature-infused post by quoting Edmund...

Kenya: Home again

  22 March 2006

Kenyan poet, Mshairi expresses her homesickness through a poem “Home (Again)” It is that time of the year for Africans in the Diaspora to begin to pine about warmer climates.

China: Participatory gangster yarn

  21 March 2006

ESWN has translated extracts from one of the most popular forum posts on Tianya, entitled “My Seven Years in the World of Gangsters”. Ostensibly a memoir of someone who has now left the triad fraternity and is looking back on his experiences there, the fictive nature of the story becomes...

African women blogging this week

  20 March 2006

As usual, African women have been blogging about a variety issues. Black Looks has recorded a moving audio post honouring the brilliant African-American science fiction writer who recently passed away, Octavia E. Butler. Black Looks has also posted information regarding the The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which is aimed...

Bangladesh: Tagore in a podcast

  15 March 2006

Bongo Vongo presents podcasts of Rabindranath Tagore's work -“This first of that series is from a collection of his short stories which were published in the west around 1916 and entitled ‘The Hungry Stones and Other Stories’.”

Russia: Bulgakov

  14 March 2006

W. Shedd of The Accidental Russophile writes about Mikhail Bulgakov, his work, and a TV series based on one of his most famous novels that has made the sales of the book itself soar.

Iran: Persian Puzzle

Persian Puzzle, a book about Iran US conflict, has been translated by Dr.Erphan Qaneei Fard but it has not got permission to go to bookstores in Iran. Dr.Erphan decided to make this translation available on his blog (Persian).