· February, 2006

Stories about Literature from February, 2006

Venezuela: 90's Poetry and the Magic Middle

  27 February 2006

Venepoetics links to an anthology of Venezuelan poetry from the 90's. Iria Puyosa says she is little impressed by the top 100 blogs according to Technorati (ES) and is much more a fan of the “magic middle.” She offers readers her own top 25.

South Africa: poetry video

  24 February 2006

The Imperfect poet finally manages to crack the glass ceiling of poetry publication………….”I finally recorded some poetry for a poetry video concept that I am working on with a friend of mine. Thanks to Kurt & e-poets, I have finally done something and, in doing so, remembered why creativity is...

Ukraine: Andrey Kurkov Book Review

  21 February 2006

Kevin Kinsella at Languor Management disagrees with Victor Sonkin, a book reviewer who is being too harsh on Andrey Kurkov, a Ukrainian writer whose novels, originally in Russian, have been translated into many languages: “I'd call it ‘pleasantly surreal’ as opposed to Sonkin's ‘without rhyme or reason’ – despite also...

Cuba: Book Fair

  21 February 2006

regalado.blogia.com highlights (ES) a few of the offerings at the Havana International Book Fair.

African women blogging this week

  20 February 2006

As per usual, African women have blogged about a variety of issues over the last week. Incidences of violence are rising in Uganda as the country prepares to hold general elections next week. Black Looks writes about the volatile situation in the country and highlights the violations of human rights...

Nigeria: celebrating Chinweizu

  20 February 2006

Molara Wood reports on an evening in Lagos celebrating Nigerian writer, Chinweizu, co-author of Toward The Decolonisation of African Literature…….”Chinweizu was billed to and delivered a lecture on LUGARDISM AND THE PROSPECT OF AFRICAN POWER which ranged over the usual Chinweizu territory – but more concerned about the survival of...

Guyana: Nu-soul and elderly love

  20 February 2006

Guyana Diaspora profiles nu-soul singer Nhojj, and Guyana-gyal muses on love and “‘bout old people, imagining how it must feel for some o’ them.”

Iran: Poetry & Nuclear!

  18 February 2006

Abbas Maroufi, Germany based famous writer, poet and blogger, has writtena poem about nuclear energy (Persian). He says in this nuclear energy is not modern, killing people is not modern, a stone is always modern, but throwing stone is not modern…a flower for you, every day, is modern.

Yanukovych and Poetry

  15 February 2006

Oleksandr at Messages From Canada has a post about “proFFessor” Victor Yanukovych talking poetry in Odesa. Very funny. Yanukovych is Ukraine's former prime minister who ran for president in 2004 and was accused of rigging the election, which caused street protests that became known as the Orange Revolution.

Kenya: Love Chronicles – the end

  15 February 2006

Gukira finally and sadly ends his Love Chronicles with number XIV……..of the many comments “I read the chronicles from end to beginning, wondering where I've been all this time. I'm gripped by your words each time…and moved. what talents you have.”

African women's voices this week

  12 February 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman comments on the predominance of old men in Kenyan politics and government. She questions how old fashioned men acting out old fashioned politics chose John Githongo to head the anti-corruption drive. Possibly it was because they thought he was so young he would not...

  9 February 2006

Musengeshi Katata comments (FR) on Amely-James Koh Bela's book on African prostitution in the West at Forum Realisance: “Can one really defend values that are everyday assaulted and eroded by poverty? … Without a battle against poverty including against western exploitation and the depravation of African economies, without a protracted...