· September, 2007

Stories about Law from September, 2007

Ukraine: Troubles Ahead; Kivalov Interview

  21 September 2007

Foreign Notes writes about political troubles that may await Ukraine following the Sept. 30 parliamentary election. Also, LEvko translates an interview with former head of the Central Election Commission, Serhiy Kivalov, whose “literary skills seem to exceed the numeracy skills that he demonstrated in 2004.”

Serbia: March Against Crime in Kosovo

  20 September 2007

“After the shooting of the police officer, about 5 000 residents of Prishtina […] marched peacefully through the city to show their disgust at crime in the city,” Prishtine: Independence and Kanun reports and posts photos.

Sri Lanka: Justice and Law

  20 September 2007

Indi.ca picks up the specific case of Malaka Silva, and the denial of justice. “Sri Lankans already have little faith in a justice system where connections can so easily get you off, but this would just shatter it.”

China: On the tazing

  20 September 2007

Actually, as with almost everything major that happens in America—even Michelle Malkin has multiple Chinese names—people from all corners of China have seen and heard all about Don't Tase Me Bro! Internet news and blogging crossover site Netease has a unique function where all commenters are identified by region, and...

Bahrain: On Suing God!

  20 September 2007

“Well, I'm sure you've heard of court cases where people have won millions of dollars for suing others over all sorts of issues. Anyway, this totally blows them out of the water; here, we have a Nebraska State Senator whose decided to sue… God,” rants Bahraini blogger Ammaro.

Bahamas: Fighting Crime

  19 September 2007

As the annual murder toll in the Bahamas reaches 55, Rick Lowe at WebogBahamas.com says that each citizen has a role to play in getting a handle on crime.

Jamaica: New Government Gets Its Start

  18 September 2007

“As quick as I am to congratulate Mr. Golding, I am quite disappointed in a few moves he has made, within a short space of time”: Jamaican Lifestyle has its eye on post-election politics on the island.

Bahamas: Zero Tolerance

  18 September 2007

Sidney Sweeting, writing at WeblogBahamas.com, thinks that “it is time for zero tolerance” when it comes to violence in the society.

Cambodia: Preventing Exploitation of Girls

  18 September 2007

Vutha summarizes a report on sexual exploitation of women in Cambodia and calls for stricter implementation of laws that according to him are only there for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

Hong Kong: Indecent Censorship Practice

  18 September 2007

ESWN translated a poll on a recent court case about Obscene Articles Tribunal's (OAT) classification on indecency. A majority of the interviewees said that OAT's classification are chaotic while The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority doesn't know how to differentiate art and pornography. Recently three newspapers (Ta Kung Pao, Wen...

China: Netizen Juries Fighting For Justice

  18 September 2007

Wenbin in V360 posts a report about an injustice prosecution (zh): a young person (Pan Yue) helped bringing an old lady who fell down in the bus stop to a hospital in Nov 2006 in Nanjing. It turned out that the hospital fee was huge (RMB40,000) and the old lady's...

France: DNA Testing for Immigrants

  17 September 2007

Vous reprendrez bien un peu d'humanisme? critiques a UMP-proposed amendment (Fr) to require legal immigrants in France who want their immediate family members to immigrate under a family reunification scheme to submit to DNA tests so prove they are related. Humanisme thinks the plan unconstitutional, hypocritical and an affront to...

Saudi Arabia: Sex-segregated Sidewalks

  17 September 2007

Sex-segregated sidewalks could soon become the norm in Saudi Arabia, reports Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah, who links to a news article. “Did prophet Mohammed ordered to have two sidewalks; one for men, another for women? It’s ironic to think of having a ‘women sidewalks’… I mean, how will they mark...

Barbados: Blogs Breaking News

  17 September 2007

As the mainstream media in Barbados finally prints a controversial story that was initially broken by blogs, Barbados Underground writes: “We speak for the Blogosphere when we say that we are prepared to work with all media entities to ensure that pertinent issues are exposed for public consumption.”

Japan: Monju reactor trial to begin Sept. 20th

  16 September 2007

Blogger tokyodo-2005 writes about the famous sodium leak and fire at the Monju fast-breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture (Japan) in 1995 [Ja] and about the subsequent cover-up of a video taken immediately after the incident. tokyodo-2005 reports that a trial about the case is set to begin on Sept. 20th...

China: Blogs ground down as National Congress gears up

  16 September 2007

The best approach the government was able to come up with to address any issues anyone might want to talk about as the Seventeenth National Congress draws closer was to pull the plug on entire IDCs. Tens of thousands of blogs gone already and still a month to go.