· February, 2008

Stories about Language from February, 2008

Japan: Future words of the Web Era

  13 February 2008

Japanese web visionary Umeda Mochio (see earlier translated interview) announces the upcoming release on Feb. 27th of his new book, “Five propositions for a web era: These words will open the way to the future!” (ウェブ時代 5つの定理―この言葉が未来を切り開く! [ja]), at his blog My Life between Silicon Valley and Japan [ja]. According to...

Bangladesh: On human rights, and people across the border

  13 February 2008

In this weeks roundup we take a look at what different Bangladeshi blogs are talking about. On human rights- who is a human? Rumi of In the Middle of Nowhere discusses the death under custody of Mr. Qayyum Khan, an elected local government representative and a BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party)...

Armenia: Blogging Competition

  12 February 2008

The Armenian Observer comments on a new competition to find the best blog post in the Armenian blogosphere. While the number of Armenian blogs increases, quality is deteriorating and the blogger suggests that such a competition might help the situation.

Latvia: “The Idiot's Day”

  7 February 2008

All About Latvia writes about “a criminal investigation over the allegations of distributing child pornography by the Latvian National Opera” – and about a fine imposed on a Latvian supermarket by “the language police” for advertising “in non-understandable and mutilated state language.”

Caucasus: Political Roundup

  4 February 2008

Marilisa Lorusso's blog posts another weekly roundup of the latest political developments in the South Caucasus. This week the blog examines the latest events in the area of relations between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with Russia.

English Blogs From Cameroon

  4 February 2008

The historical legacy of colonial rule in Cameroon is reflected in the linguistic division of the country. It is divided between the French-speaking North and the English-speaking South. Although English speakers are the minority, the Cameroonian English blogosphere is very active.