· January, 2009

Stories about Language from January, 2009

Czech Republic: A Fairy Tale; Travel; Language

  26 January 2009

Czechmatediary writes about travel to Telc, Moravia, which is also called the “Moravian Venice”; posts a Czech fairy tale about the 12 months; and asks a linguistics expert about the best way of getting kids to speak Czech (or any other foreign language for that matter).

Azerbaijan: Language Lessons

  25 January 2009

Linda in Azerbaijan details the trials and tribulations of learning Azerbaijani. Despite the difficulties, the Peace Corps Volunteer says she is determined to learn the language at the highest level possible.

Jamaica: Praying in Patois

  19 January 2009

Iriegal shares her thoughts on the production of a Patois Bible: “I just want to say $60 million dollars is a lot to invest…there is so much controversy in translating European English into Patois I really don't know how they are going to do it, even from and audio perspective.”

Bangladesh: Learning English

  19 January 2009

Kotha-Chhilo (something to say) thinks the politicians and cricketers of Bangladesh should take English language courses to express themselves freely to international media.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Nihad Hasanović

  19 January 2009

An interview with Bosnian writer Nihad Hasanović – “one of the most interesting and intriguing young writers in the space of Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian language” – at Jasmin's Heart (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5).

Hong Kong: Election Consultation Deferred… It's Dog-Speak!

  16 January 2009

If constructive questions like the election consultation became "dog-speak" in the eye of top ruling elites (in the form of Freudian slip), what's the function of the Legislative council? Although LSD's legislators' dog's fight performance is disruptive, can the Legislative council be genuinely constructive with the un-democratic system?

China: Bu Zheteng

  9 January 2009

ESWN discusses various possible translation of “bu zheteng” in President Hu Jintao's speech last week.

Azerbaijan: Off the Air

  5 January 2009

Following the recent ban on foreign radio broadcasts in Azerbaijan, Thoughts On The Road registers its disappointment with the move. Although Radio Free Europe will now concentrate on expanding its web site, the blog says that this is no replacement for a radio station. It also wonders how Azerbaijani students...

Japan: Teaching Buddhism by sign language

  5 January 2009

A blogger at Toppei no Minna Chigatte Minna Ii (トッペイのみんなちがってみんないい) introduces a website where it is possible for deaf followers to download the .wmv files and the original texts of the Buddhist Sacred Scriptures interpreted through the use of the (Japanese) sign language. While this initiative may not sound new...

Rwanda: The myth of the lack of hospitality

  4 January 2009

Morgan in Rwanda debunks the popular myth amongst expats living in Rwanda that Rwandese are not hospitable and don't invite people over for dinner. She concludes: “knowing how to communicate in the local language is really the only way to learn about a culture beyond the obvious”.

Brazil: Reform won't unify Brazilian and European Portuguese

  3 January 2009

Fabio Said believes that the Portuguese language spelling reform will not make the main variants of the language uniform. Commenting on a BBC news which states otherwise, he argues: “In fact, this passage is nonsense. European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese will always be two different language variants, with very strong...

Lusosphere: Reform in Portuguese Language Not Welcomed

  1 January 2009

As of today, the reform of Portuguese language spelling begins to be implemented in Brazil. The same rules will eventually be implemented in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe. Bloggers across the Lusosphere are not exactly happy about it.