· April, 2008

Stories about Language from April, 2008

Jamaica: Su Su

  28 April 2008

In honour of National Poetry Month, Geoffrey Philp's Blogspot features a poem by Jamaican Velma Pollard.

Guyana: RIP McAndrew

  28 April 2008

Signifyin’ Guyana acknowledges the passing of Wordsworth McAndrew, “a pioneering Guyanese artist.”

Jamaica: Contemporary Poetry

  25 April 2008

“Anthony McNeill was without doubt amongst the finest contemporary Caribbean poets, whose previous collections…were hailed as works of immense originality”: Geoffrey Philp features an excerpt from the late Jamaican poet's Chinese Lanterns from the Blue Child.

China: A History of Red Heart

  22 April 2008

Recently many netizens in China joined the campaign in hanging a red heart in their msn signatures. 1bao posted an article written by Qian Gang about the history of red heart in contemporary China [zh].

Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad & Tobago: Lighting the Way

  21 April 2008

Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp is still processing the news of Aimé Césaire's death: “For if the goal of any life is freedom, then Aimé Césaire was a light”…while Caribbean Free Radio remembers a podcast she did with “Césaire intoning, in his impeccably enunciated French, against a musical background, the first...

Angola: A glossary of Angolan terms

  18 April 2008

Casa de Luanda [Luanda House, pt] has been compiling a glossary of Angolan expressions. “Check out the A to D, E to L and M to Z. sections. As soon as new suggestions from our readers come up, the list will be updated”.

Remembering Aimé Césaire

  18 April 2008

Aimé Césaire - Martinican poet, politician and consummate West Indian - passed away today at the age of 94. It is not often that politics and poetry go together, but when they do, the West Indies is as fertile an environment as any for the two to coexist. Césaire seamlessly blended his love for language, ideas and writing into his political life, which spanned almost 60 years.

Global Voices in Spanish and Canal Solidario

  10 April 2008

Readers of Global Voices in Spanish and Canal Solidario will have recently noticed a small widget showing on both webpages. The one on Global Voices in Spanish displays the latest articles from Canal Solidario. The gadget that appears in Canal Solidario feeds readers all new posts on Global Voices in...

China: Demonizing?

  10 April 2008

Ran Yun-fei from my1510.com argued that nationalistic sentiment would lead to the imagination of China being demonized [zh].

China: Tibet Fatigue Syndrome and Lhasafication

  8 April 2008

Fuge noticed new terms popping up after the Tibet riot [zh]. Tibet Fatigue Syndrome – meaning getting tired of the debate about media representation of Tibet incident. Lhasafication – meaning too much military control over places with strong religious belief.

China: Nationalist traitor at China.com

  8 April 2008

Hecaitou criticizes the angry youth at China.com who used cultural revolution language to attack Nanfang daily's opinion piece calling for free press on the tibet issue. The blogger uses the term “nationalist traitor” to describe those who use “nationalism” as the means to achieve personal goal [zh]. ESWN has translated...