· May, 2008

Stories about Labor from May, 2008

Bangladesh: Bangla Blogs remember May Day

  3 May 2008

This week, the Bangla blog world buzzed with essays and analysis regarding May 1st, remembered the world over as International Workers’ Day or Labor Day. There was disappointment amongst many of the bloggers who felt that the day, over time, had perhaps lost its true meaning and was seen as...

Bangladesh: ration for workers vs. profit sharing

  2 May 2008

The knitwear industry of Bangladesh is going to increase salary for the workers and it is also thinking of introducing food rations for the workers to overcome the present price hike. An Ordinary Citizen thinks these steps may not be fair enough and proposes to introduce profit sharing with workers...

Middle East: Police Meet Workers on May 1

May Day is the day workers around the world rally for better working conditions and higher wages. In the Middle East, bloggers mark the day with posts and photographs reporting what happened, what the day means for them, and why it is a reason for celebration.