· April, 2012

Stories about Labor from April, 2012

Bulgaria: Penalty For Getting Pregnant

  26 April 2012

The blog “Работнически глас” (“Worker's voice”) tells [bg] about a trial scheduled for May 26: a former female employee is suing a company for a discriminatory clause in the work contract, which stated that any female employee who gets pregnant after being hired will have to pay a fine (700 lv,...

South Korea: Youtube Video Accusing Samsung of Labor Workers Death

  25 April 2012

While Apple factory workers’ suicides are widely known, not enough data on Samsung's labor workers is available online. A Youtube user posted a video entitled “Samsung's Truth” with English subtitles explaining how labor workers suffered under the biggest corporations in South Korea.

Spain: Images of Police Brutality During General Strike

  11 April 2012

On the day of the General Strike on March 29, there were numerous moments of tension, especially in the city of Barcelona where riot police clashed with protesters. In the weeks following the strike, there have been protests in various Spanish cities against the imprisonment of protesters.

Brazil: Contemporary Slavery and Proposals to Fight the Practice

  9 April 2012

Although the practice of exercising the right of property over other human beings was abolished in Brazil in 1888 with the signing of the Golden Law, in practice, exploitation of slave labour continues on Brazilian territory, both in rural and urban areas, in the form of contemporary servitude.