· January, 2012

Stories about Labor from January, 2012

Chile: Discrimination, Media Ethics, and the Case of #InesPerez

  20 January 2012

Inés Pérez, a resident of a gated community that prohibits domestic workers to enter by foot, quickly became the subject of online scorn after an interview on Chilean television. When it transpired that her quote was taken out of context, the discussion instead turned to a debate on journalism ethics.

Guatemala: Child Labor in the Sugar Cane Fields

  18 January 2012

The recent investigation done by journalists of Plaza Publica in Guatemala has uncovered how government authorities, although legally having to prevent child labor, allow children under 14 years of age to work in their cane fields, a physically demanding and dangerous work.

China: Prostituting to Defend Sex Workers’ Rights

  15 January 2012

After witnessing a police raid on a low-end brothel, one feminist activist has offered pro bono sex services in support of her sisters, using the experience also to make a statement about their equally impoverished clients.

Occupy Nigeria: From Cyberspace to Face-to-Face

  13 January 2012

Occupy Nigeria is a national protest in Nigeria which started as a response to the fuel subsidy removal by the federal governmnet. The protest has been fueled by the democratization of information as personified by young Nigerians through their use of social media.

Slovakia: The “Work vs Money” Dilemma

  10 January 2012

In East Slovakia, unemployed people were asked to get involved in a public flood protection project. Only four young men agreed. The rest refused, claiming that they'd be poorer if they took this job. Tibor Blazko writes about unemployment in Slovakia and translates the netizens' comments.

Brazil: Domestic Work in Transition

  5 January 2012

Brazilian society is seeing a transition in domestic work, a type of employment that is deeply connected to issues such as social inclusion, bad work conditions, social hierarchies, gender inequalities and empowerment. Catch a glimpse of this debate.

Slovakia: Medical Doctors’ Protest

  4 January 2012

One of the most important Slovak events of 2011 was the protest of over 2,000 medical doctors employed by state hospitals; 1,200 of them (from the total of 6,500) cancelled their job contracts later. Tibor Blazko explains the situation and translates the netizens' opinions on healthcare.