· March, 2011

Stories about Labor from March, 2011

Saudi Arabia: King Promises Saudis More Money

More money was promised to Saudis today, following an address by King Abdulla to the nation. In a short address, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques thanked clerics, writers and the Ministry of Interior for their efforts in defending the kingdom. Announcements and decrees then followed that billions would be dished out on Saudis.

Bangladeshi Workers Evacuated From Libya Faces Uncertain Future

  17 March 2011

Tasfiyah Jalil at BRAC Blog reports about the plights of the Bangladeshi workers evacuated from Libya, who had supposedly escaped death and endured weeks of near-starvation and now find themselves in native soil empty handed and people owing them money they borrowed to go abroad.

Myanmar: Strike at shoe factory

  13 March 2011

The Democratic Voice of Burma has a report on the strike staged by 1,500 workers of a shoe factory in Myanmar. Workers reportedly earn only $US0.70 for a 12-hour day.

Portugal: A Protest Generation, Foolish and Scraping By

  12 March 2011

Hostilities have commenced: today the “Scraping-by Generation” goes to the streets in Portugal and beyond, protesting that 23% of young people are unemployed and hundreds of thousands are underemployed or in precarious work situations. With an anthem and some anti-conformism, is this Generation foolish?

South Korea: Battling Against Foreign Finance's Encroachment

  5 March 2011

Korea Exchange Bank employees and civil rights activists have taken to the streets of Seoul to protest against the encroachment of foreign finance on Korean financial turf. Korean net users have joined their move by retweeting and spreading KEB employees's postings.

Russia: “Tutor/Nanny/Friend/Plaything”

English Man In Moscow, who seeks to be hired as a tutor by an affluent Russian family with kids, writes about a recent 3-hour “‘trial’ lesson” that he gave to a 9-year-old for $43/26 GBP/1,250 rubles per hour. (“Not a fortune, but at the low end of pay for private...

Lebanon: Protests Against Sectarian Regime

More than 2,500 Lebanese citizens marched last Sunday (February 27, 2011) in the capital Beirut against the sectarian system which they think is the reason of the country's problems. Here's how it went and how the Lebanese online community reacted. Other protests are planned for tomorrow (March 5).