· February, 2011

Stories about Labor from February, 2011

China: Apple's new supplier responsibility report

  15 February 2011

Samuel Wade from China Digital Times brings the readers’ attention to Apple company's new supplier responsibility report. The company pledges greater cooperation with Chinese NGOs in the future in the monitoring of labour condition.

Brazil: Journalist's dismissal causes outrage

  15 February 2011

Journalist Aguirre Peixoto's dismissal from the Brazilian newspaper A Tarde caused outrage among bloggers and journalists [pt]: Peixoto's reports on the environmental damage caused by a new development to the city of Salvador allegedly put an end to the contractors’ advertising in the broadsheet. After applying 30-days suspension on Peixoto,...

Egypt: A List of Demands from Tahrir Square

  10 February 2011

A list of demands from the protesters at Tahrir Square is being circulated online today, the 17th day of massive demonstrations across Egypt calling for the overthrow of the Mubarak regime. The first item calls for the resignation of president Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt: Strike! Strike! Strike!

  9 February 2011

Hundreds of thousands of workers have gone on strike across Egypt today, and more are threatening to join the action tomorrow. Reports of strikes started making their way online yesterday, and netizens are now calling for a nationwide general strike, in solidarity with pro-democracy protests, now on their 16th day.

S.Korean net users mourn over the death of a struggling movie writer

  9 February 2011

South Korean net users commemorated the death of Choi Go-eun, a movie writer who died from chronic disease after battling with the poverty and huger with earning less than minimum wage, around 600 USD a year. The Federation of Movie Worker’s Union defined her death[ko] a ‘social murder’ and criticized...