· July, 2009

Stories about Labor from July, 2009

Cuba: Political Prisoners

  31 July 2009

Cuban diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense reports that while one former political prisoner has started a blog, another Cuban human rights activist “faces up to 8 years in prison if convicted of trumped-up charges of assault and receiving stolen property.”

Jamaica: Gladys Bustamante Passes On

  27 July 2009

Repeating Islands acknowledges the passing of 97-year-old Gladys Bustamante, “the widow of Jamaica’s first prime minister and a fierce supporter of women’s and workers’ rights.”

Philippines: Underwear protest

  22 July 2009

Workers who lost their jobs after the closure of an undergarment factory held a protest action in front of a government labor office by throwing bras and panties in the air

Brazil: Amnesty for illegal immigrants sparks hope and controversy

  18 July 2009

A new amnesty for illegal immigrants has just become law in Brazil, benefiting between 50,000 and 200,000 people. The hope is that the amnesty will bring at least better working conditions for those currently being exploited in sweatshops that cash in on illegal immigrants, and eventually compassion for Brazilians living illegally abroad.

Bahrain: Having Respect For Yourself

Rick Beeman, an American based in Bahrain, is back in the USA for a visit – and wonders about the behaviour of certain Americans: “These people didn’t seem to have any self-respect and that was the sad part. While the people I'm with over in Bahrain…the laborers, have an incredible...

Ghana: Bloggers Discuss Business Process Outsourcing

  6 July 2009

Few know that A.T.Kearney rated Ghana as sub-Saharan Africa's number one Business Process Outsourcing destination in 2005 and, as of June 2009, the nation’s achievements in this field look set to continue. Several bloggers reported on an agreement signed in early June between two leading ICT organisations that will provide unprecedented opportunities for ICT students, create thousands of jobs, and underpin the growth of this nascent industry.

Trinidad & Tobago: Alutrint Accounts

  6 July 2009

“We badly want to see…what the State has spent on Alutrint, what it will spend, and what it will gain”: A Trinidad and Tobago-based anti-smelter blog is concerned that “the citizens of the Republic will be paying Alutrint’s costs…this will amount to tens of billions of dollars, not even taking...

Japan: Aokigahara and Suicide

  3 July 2009

Matt Holland at Feedbackward on Aokigahara, and Meaningful Suicide in Japan – “The ubiquitous and accessible nature of trains in Japan make them a logical and effective choice for those attempting suicide, but it is Aokigahara, the forest situated at the base of iconic Mount Fuji that hosts the most...

Bermuda: New Hotel

  1 July 2009

Bermudian bloggers discuss the pros and cons of the proposed construction of a new hotel on the island.

Dubai: Stylish Workers

Life in Dubai posts a photograph of workers in the heat, wearing straw hats and comments: “I came across this gang of labourers this morning, looking very stylish in their straw hats.”