· March, 2009

Stories about Labor from March, 2009

Hong Kong and the Philippines: Satire or racism?

  31 March 2009

A Senate leader in the Philippines just filed a resolution condemning a Hong Kong writer Chip Tsao for his article “The War at Home” in HK Magazine (originally published on 27 of March). Now the article has been taken down in the website but the Senate Resolution also asked the...

Global Recession Survey: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities

  27 March 2009

Everybody is trying hard to cope with the global economic crisis. Bloggers are offering survival tips to their readers. Businesses around the world are adjusting. Some are even profiting from the crisis. In this post, I will feature individuals and companies exerting their very best to overcome the recession.

Egypt: Waves of Workers’ Strikes

Like in 2008, this year is witnessing waves of strikes and demonstrations by Egyptian workers in various sectors and organizations. Students, pharmacists, lawyers [Ar], railway drivers, media people and, last but not least, Egyptian street cleaners have all been demanding more just rights, protesting against their decreasing incentives or trying to rebel against their poor economic status. Eman AbdElRahman gives us a snap shot of what's happening on the ground and how bloggers are giving those workers a voice in their struggle.

South Asia: Migrant Workers Coming Home

  19 March 2009

South Asia is a populous region. Many South Asian immigrants or migrant workers travel to distant places around the world in search of a better education, job or better living conditions. However they have close ties to families and friends back home and their remittances play a major role in...

Ukraine, Russia: Social Networking vs Work

  16 March 2009

Svetlana Gladkova writes on Profy about how social networking often interferes with work being done in Ukraine and Russia: “In fact, as many as 69% of Russian companies already block access to social networks from office computers which seems to be the only option to make employees stop wasting time...

Egypt: Helwan telecom equipment makers on strike

From Egypt, Hossam El Hamalawy reports: “Around 1000 workers at the Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Company in Helwan are on strike since yesterday, demanding their annual shares of profits. The strikers took a number of the management’s engineers hostages on Sunday and released them at night.”

China: Female Worker Mock Ad

  16 March 2009

Jeremy Goldkorn from DANWEI picked up a Mock Ad poster from local forum Xici Hutong on how workers are dealing with the financial crisis.

Vietnam: Kidnapping children

  16 March 2009

Are child traffickers now kidnapping children in Vietnam provinces? Some children who were reported as missing were found later working in garment factories in Saigon.

Global recession and its discontents

  13 March 2009

Today the world seems flat. From Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, the people of the world are experiencing the traumatic effects of a global economic recession. This post is an attempt to describe the social impact of the great financial crisis as seen and felt by ordinary citizens around the world.

Japan, Brazil: Crisis puts an end to the dream of a better life

  11 March 2009

After 30 years of a strong immigration trend from Brazil to Japan, young Brazilians who have crossed the ocean in search of a better life are now leaving their adopted country. It is estimated that between 40,000 and 50,000 Brazilians have lost their jobs and, unable to compete in the shrinking Japanese job market, have decided it is time to make the journey back home.

Russia: “Unsent Letter” on Health Care

Below is a partial translation of a post on health care in Russia - a caustic "unsent letter" to the Russian president, written by LJ user sobe-panek on Feb. 22. The post has made it into the Top 30 at Yandex Blogs portal and was picked up by some Russian media.