· November, 2008

Stories about Labor from November, 2008

China: Taxi Driver Strike, Union and Street Democracy

  30 November 2008

Taxi drivers from around the country have been in strike for a month. The first protest appeared in Chongqin in November 3, then it spread to Hainan, Gansu, Yunnan, Shandong, Qingdao, Jinan, Fujian, Shantou, Wubei, Shaanxi and etc. Tomorrow (1 of December), it is likely that Guangzhou will have another...

Japan: Employment promised and then revoked

  25 November 2008

Using the excuse of financial instability, new graduates in Japan, after being hired initially, are finding that unofficial promises of employment are then being revoked, a trend that blogger Akinori Nakamura [中村昭典] uses as a starting point for making observations on recent changes in the Japanese employment system. Nakamura-san compares...

Saudi Arabia: Showing true support

  23 November 2008

Nzhinga has been trying to persuade her young son that he should study and not rely on becoming a famous soccer star; after all, he might get injured and not be able to play. But her son has a solution. Jihad: “I know what I'll do! My wife will have...

Japan: Changing jobs in a recession

  14 November 2008

Noriyuki Okada at Silicon Valley wa Kyô mo Hareru (シリコンバレーは今日も晴れ) [jp] describes his experience taking the decision as a software-engineer to change his job despite being in the middle of an economically unstable period. He writes about how he thought carefully about his technical skills, asked for experts’ opinion about...

China: The 3rd cabbies strike in 10 days. Now appeased.

  14 November 2008

After the cabbies strike in Chonqing in which about 9000 drivers participated and over 100 taxis and 3 police cars were smashed during the course, another taxi strike broke out on 10, Nov, in the southern tourism city Sanya. Though already appeased, does it simply mean a breath we can take before a larger storm is coming?

Japan: Three Arrested for Visiting PM House

  6 November 2008

Niphonese translated some local discussions about the recent arrest of three protesters under the Tokyo Public Security Act. The “reality tour” (not protest) was organized by Freeter Union.

Lebanon: Valet Parking even at Airport

  2 November 2008

“Valet dude takes the car and parks it 2 meters away, they don't even let you park it yourself in some restaurants, they confiscate all parking spots by placing these yellow thingies, either you have to go park it back in your house or give it to them,” explains Liliane...

Vietnam: Respect ‘bao ve’

  1 November 2008

‘Bao Ve’ in Vietnam refers to “motorbike security, parking staff, or even valets.” The Comical Hat reminds us to be kind to ‘Bao Ve’.