· October, 2008

Stories about Labor from October, 2008

Russia: Chinese Laborers

  31 October 2008

Window on Eurasia writes that “ethnic Chinese working and living in the Russian Far East find their surrounding social and political scene far more congenial than do their co-ethnics living in Moscow or other cities in European Russia but are far less interested in remaining there permanently than the latter...

Serbia: Underground Fashion

  31 October 2008

“[…] In a dingy underground passage that connects two sides of one of Belgrade's main streets,” A Yankee-in-Belgrade discovers someone who could possibly become a promising fashion designer and posts a picture of this person's work: “Whoever created them should consider a career in fashion and literally move up, I...

Cambodia: Hero of the Year nominee

  31 October 2008

Nuon Phymean from Cambodia is one of the nominees for the CNN Hero of the Year Award. She has helped a lot of children in Phnom Penh by providing free education and job training.

Japan: Arrested in Shibuya just for walking?

  27 October 2008

id:inumash comments on news [ja] that three people heading a demo in Shibuya (Tokyo) on Oct. 26th with the intention of going to “see the home of PM Taro Aso” were arrested for not having notified police beforehand [ja]. The blogger points to an article by Amamiya Karin [雨宮処凛] [ja]...

Working in Brunei

  25 October 2008

What are some of the advantages of working in Brunei: “peace, no income tax, heavily subsidized petrol price, excellent education facilities for the kids and one of the lowest inflation rate in the region.”

Bermuda: Speech, Boy!

  24 October 2008

The Premier of Bermuda makes a speech that leaves Vexed Bermoothes and Catch a fire feeling a bit disconcerted.

Japan: Subsidy for companies hiring longtime freeters

  21 October 2008

A thread on bulletin board 2-Channel responds to news that the Japanese government plans to offer subsidies to companies who hire long-time freeters (people who lack full time employment or are unemployed) as full-time regular employees. Subsidies of 500,000 yen will be paid to large companies, and subsidies of 1...

China: Child Labor

  21 October 2008

Joe from ChinaSMACK blogs about Child labour in Wuhan and the netizens discussion about the issue.

Brazil: Petition against slavery

  18 October 2008

Leonardo Sakamoto [pt] links to the online petition demanding the end of slavery in Brazil. “The majority of the employers who adhere to this system are big land owners, who have world class technology and exploit this “disposable people”.

India: Transport strike

  17 October 2008

Channel 19 blog provides some insight into the recent partial transport strike in Mumbai: “This event not only highlights the issues of autorickshaw drivers and taxi drivers in India’s most populated city, but it also sheds some light upon the disparities of socio-economic class, gender and infrastructure.”

China: Documentation of Ole Wolff Worker Protest in Yantai

  17 October 2008

CLNT has translated and documented in detail the Chronology of the Ole Wolff (Yantai) Trade Union’s struggle from a local blog, the company’ suppression of OW Union activists, international support to the Union and the use of internet in labour struggle.

India: Layoffs rattle aviation industry

  16 October 2008

One of the stars of Indian private aviation industry Jet Airways decided to lay-off 1900 employees (including ground and cabin crew) to survive the rising fuel prices and the economic slow down. Gautam Ghosh comments: “If people want a secure government job until retirement, they should join Indian Airlines (Air...

Iran: Strikes over New Sales Tax

  15 October 2008

Traders in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, and bazaars in other major Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashad, went on strike for around two weeks in protest over a new 3% sales tax. Strikes in Iran are rare, and there are no legal trade unions in the country. Several Iranian bloggers talked about this event.

Pakistan: Daredevil elctricians

  14 October 2008

All things Pakistan writes about the daredevil electricians of Pakistan who risks their lives everyday to work on distribution and transmission lines.