· September, 2008

Stories about Labor from September, 2008

Japan: The psychology of prostitution, and why it should be legalized

  29 September 2008

id:fromdusktildawn delves into the the roots and social context of prostitution [ja], arguing that by looking down on women who work in the sex industry, men offload feelings of guilt about their lust for prostitutes onto the prostitutes themselves. The blogger claims that by legalizing the 5 trillion yen prostitution...

Angola: A new African El Dorado for foreign workers

  28 September 2008

Since the end of the civil war in 2002, Angola has been home to many foreigners coming to find work. It is estimated that there are over 70,000 foreigners living in the country, mostly coming from South America, China, Portugal and other African countries. Find out how this melting pot is evolving through the view point of Angolan and immigrant bloggers.

Jordan: Think before you Fire

  26 September 2008

Jordanian Jazarah links to a story from India where a mob of dismissed workers beat the CEO of their company to death with a hammer. His advice: “Think twice before such decisions, or take the decision on your way to the plane and take a long vacation.”

India: Shocking apologist

  24 September 2008

I love life… so I explore is shocked to hear that the CEO of an Italy-based company in India was beaten to death by a group of dismissed employees. And more shocking to the blogger was the Union Labour Minister's statement “This should serve as a warning for the managements”.

Jamaica: Mining Woes

  17 September 2008

Abeng News Magazine reports that communities along Jamaica's North Coast are concerned about plans for bauxite mining and the construction of an alumina plant in the parish of St. Ann: “Some residents complained that negotiations were proceeding without consultation with the people who would be affected by the proposed mining...

Russia: “Extreme and Absurd, Violence and Art”

  15 September 2008

Moscow Through Brown Eyes lists recent “extremist actions” in Russia, writes about one of the possible reasons for the ongoing South Park scandal, and posts a video of a “provocative performance” by art group “Voina”: “As a present to well-known xenophobic and homophobic Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the artists acted out...

Guyana: El Dorado

  15 September 2008

Guyana-Gyal thinks up some alternatives to her country signing the European Union Economic Partnership Agreement.

Jamaica: Too Much Free Time?

  11 September 2008

“Too much human resource seems to be wasting away, which is quite evident not only from Usain's reception crowd, but by the parties and dances that are kept every single night of the week”: Stunner's Afflictions has mixed feelings about Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt's homecoming.

Lebanon: An Unformal Interview

  8 September 2008

When the government shows no signs of responsibility and when the economy provides very little opportunities , some people turn to any means to support their families. Rawaa writes a wonderful piece about a family and its way of life.

Vietnam's street vendors

  7 September 2008

Viet World Kitchen hopes the street vendors of Vietnam will not be transferred into “mall-like hawker centers.” She adds: “I appreciate hygiene just like the next person but I've never fallen ill from Vietnamese street food. Hawker centers in Singapore are convenient but there's some soul missing.”

China: Iphonegirl a planned beauty?

  6 September 2008

Local media yweekend did an investigative report on the Iphone Girl issue and it is yet a mystery whether the story is a public relation plan. ESWN has translated the local report.

Bahrain: Life of leisure?

  5 September 2008

Bahraini blogger Garden of Sands, currently living in the USA, is surprised to discover from a co-worker that Bahraini women do not work: ‘Nope, not a single one of us. Not only do we not want to, we surely don't need to. Why? Because we are all sitting on oil...

Bahrain: Service for Others

  3 September 2008

Asfoory, from Bahrain, says the start of Ramadan coincides with his return to school as a teacher this year. “The best of someone can do during Ramadan to gain the blessings of Allah is to serve other Muslims. Teacher work is the best service someone can do for others,” he...