· August, 2008

Stories about Labor from August, 2008

China: Iphone Girl

  28 August 2008

Dedric Lam from Shanghaiist reports on how the Iphone Girl story has been traveled back to China. Local netizens have created a website for her, iphonegirl.cn, and urged netizens not to human-flesh search and publish her personal data.

Cambodia: Sex workers, 100% condom use and human rights

  25 August 2008

Cambodian sex workers have taken to the internet to make their plight and fight for human rights better known. In Cambodia, a 100% condom use law which states that sexual exchanges with clients have to take place with condoms on sounds like a good idea, but it has been turned against those it is supposed to protect, by being used as a means to imprison sex workers, using the fact that they carry condoms with them as evidence for them doing sex work.

Brazil: Longer maternity leave causes media outcry

  25 August 2008

A law that extends paid maternity leave from 120 to 180 days has just been signed by Brazilian President Lula. Private companies will be able to opt out, but the government will grant tax breaks to those that adopt it. Altamiro Borges [pt] comments on the outcry: “the hegemonic media,...

Russia: Involuntary Help to Ossetia

  15 August 2008

St. Petersburg-based LJ user murenav writes (RUS): “I understand it's not easy for the people of Ossetia now. I understand they need help. But helping them should be voluntary, I think, and come from one's heart. But… My mother works at a medical institution [in Russia], and when salaries were...

Haiti: Restavèk

  14 August 2008

“The restavèk practice essentially throws away the lives of children and along with them Haiti’s future”: jmc strategies maintains that no matter how you slice it, “the practice of ‘lending’ a child away to go and live with well-off families” is still a form of slavery.

Saudi Arabia: Slavery in the Gulf

Two weeks ago there were strikes and violent demonstrations by Bangladeshi workers in Kuwait, protesting low pay and poor working conditions. Following the demonstrations, more than two hundred workers were deported. In this post, two Saudi bloggers tell us what they think of modern-day ‘slavery’ in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf.

Yemen: Rich Fishery Resources

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad writes about his country's rich fisheries resources. “Exploited wisely and in a sustainable manner, the fish industry can be very profitable and good for the country,” he cautions.

Arabeyes: Female, single, and away from home?

For many single Arab women, to live and work or study away from their family is not a choice made easily, because of fear of 'what people will say'. A number of bloggers from around the Arab world have voiced their frustration recently at the obstacles single women face.

Philippines: Charcoal factory

  10 August 2008

Filipino jounalist and blogger Iris Cecilia Gonzales posts an article and several pictures about a make-shift charcoal factory in Manila.

Albania: A muslim country?

  9 August 2008

A Nevada Yankee in King Zog's Court discusses the changing role of religion in Albanian society, claiming that “after thousands of years of changing religious affiliations by Albanians in response to their circumstances, […] for the first time in Albanian history, fundamentalists of all stripes are intentionally taking actions to...

Haiti: Child Labour

  8 August 2008

“Child slavery in Haiti may be the ultimate symbol of a state that has failed its most vulnerable members”: jmc strategies says that “key to ending child slavery in Haiti is creating long-term economic options for parents and access to quality education for children.”