· April, 2008

Stories about Labor from April, 2008

Mozambique: On unemployment and the government responsibility

  30 April 2008

Basilio Muhate [pt] expatiates on the high unemployment rates in Mozambique and the role government play in it. “Bureaucracy also causes many problems in the labor market, mainly because of decisions that are not consistent with reality and real economy, where public spending (government spending) is often determined by political...

Brazil: Against the slave farms

  25 April 2008

Luiz Carlos Azenha, from Vi o Mundo [“I saw the world”, in Portuguese], blogs for the approval of the Congress Bill that changes the Brazilian Constitution to allow for the confiscation of private rural lands where the use of slave work is discovered. Azenha says “It's necessary to confiscate the...

Ukraine: Labor Migration

  24 April 2008

Ukrainiana explains why a social ad against labor migration currently being aired in Ukraine is actually no good: “Forget it, say millions of skilled blue-collar and thousands of white-collar Ukrainians who work abroad. Known as zarobitchany, they sent an estimated $8.4 billion worth of remittances to Ukraine in 2006, a...

Brazil: Improving the police by the inside

  24 April 2008

The Blog da Segurança Pública [“Public Security Blog”, in Portuguese], from Brasília, lists 10 possible and affordable improvements[Pt] that would make Brasília policemen's lives better, thus improving their performance at their work too. The blog reports successful experiences made by the police of other Brazilian states.

Lebanon: Valet Parking

Valet parking provides a luxury service and VIP treatment for customers. This is not so in Lebanon any more, where the practice has become so widespread that it is found even at fast food outlets and career fairs attended by young unemployed people, who are looking for jobs. Moussa Bashir looks into what bloggers are saying about the phenomena.

Egypt: Dairy Workers Stage Sit-In

Five hundred dairy factory workers staged a sit in and Hossam El Hamalawy from Egypt posts a picture here. The protesters are worried they would lose their jobs – after reporting to work after a month's paid leave – only to be told that they should take another two weeks...

Georgia: Dubai of the Black Sea

  20 April 2008

Registan comments on news that the United Arab Emirates plans to invest $100 million in Poti. With Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili promising to turn the port into a Eurasian Dubai, the blog wonders if this means foreign companies will move in to make a killing before finally leaving when new...

Guyana: Threats of Tourism

  18 April 2008

“Third World governments invariably justify the promotion of tourism as a driving force for economic development,” says Guyana Providence Stadium, but asks: “Is tourism really the holy cow to be protected and nurtured at all costs for Guyana's development?”

Tajikistan: Unjust Distribution of Wealth

  16 April 2008

It is almost impossible to have a profitable business in Tajikistan if you follow all rules and regulations set by the state. People bitterly joke that the easiest way to become a wealthy man is to become a governmental official or a person close to the government. Perhaps, it is...

Japan: Footage of Tibet and East Turkestan

  16 April 2008

Japanese podcaster Morley Robertson at i-morley makes an appeal to the global press to take up video footage from Tibet and East Turkestan. Part of the footage is of the home of the Dalai Lama, shot in 2007, a building which he explains was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (later...