· April, 2007

Stories about Labor from April, 2007

Indonesia: Quiz

  29 April 2007

Are you a “capitalist pig”? asks Indcoup and invites the readers to take a quiz to prove or disprove it.

Qatar: Seven Wonders

Hamlet, who is based in Qatar, blogs about the seven wonders of his host country. Among the wonders are: ‘Wonder No. 2, “It is all about connections (wasta)” Got all the right credentials, relevant experience, proper education…etc, but you don’t know the right people, then you are in the wrong...

Dubai: Ministries Hindering Development

Dubai-based Keefieboy agrees with Dubai strongman Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom that the Ministries of Education, Justice and Labour “are hindering the development of the UAE rather than helping it and they need a wholesale re-evaluation of what their roles should be and how they should go about doing...

India: Life, kids and drudgery

  23 April 2007

The Mad Momma on tailoring life to suit the kids. “Someday they will hear some other mother say that she was bored at home with her children and that it was drudgery.. and my children might wonder if I felt the same about them. I know I would hate to...

Oman: Overworked Doctors

Doctors in Oman are over worked, with some putting in 50 hours of continuous work with no breaks, reports Sleepless in Muscat. “These shifts not only endanger the lives of the patients and the doctors themselves, but also result in the doctors losing out on much needed rest with many...

Russia, Latvia: April 16 in History

  16 April 2007

April 16 in history – at De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis: a failed attempt to kill the Russian emperor in 1866; the first Russian trade union is created in 1905; the museum of the red Latvian riflemen opened in Riga in 1970.

Saudi Arabia: Maid Gone

Saudi-based blogger Nzingha‘s maid is gone – and she can't hide her happiness. “And I'm so happy she is finally gone. I have learned a few things with this experience, one is that I will never again hesitate in firing a person if it isn't working out,” she writes.

Japan: Salarymen

  11 April 2007

In case you think a salaryman is the person in the accounting department on whose best side you want to be, the an englishman in osaka blogger brings us photos and metered prose that might clear things up.

Bahrain: Polygamy as a national duty

We start this week with politics, or rather politicians, and the comments of one particular politician that have riled some of Bahrain's bloggers. An Islamist representative urged Bahraini men (some say in jest) to take four wives (three Bahraini and one foreign) to reduce the number of spinsters in the...

Myanmar: Blood Diamonds and Myanmar

  3 April 2007

The movie Blood Diamond reminds blogger Man Actually of his younger mining days in Myanmar. “And being once a miner myself deep in the jungle far north Myanmar's very own Jade Mines, you guess! how this movie would be so special to me..Along with the Archer and Solomon, the whole...

China: Persecuting economic crimes

  2 April 2007

Capitalism is now officially approved at the Party level, but with otherwise law-abiding small-scale sidewalk sellers nation-wide operating in constant fear and in conflict with (photos) the chengguan (more photos), the urban management forces found in every city, has this ideological thaw trickled down to the streets? Not yet, says...

Honduras: Sweatshop Friendly?

  2 April 2007

Inspired by a New Zealander blogging about Honduras while in Ireland, “La Gringa” agrees with the description of Honduras as “sweatshop-friendly.”