· March, 2007

Stories about Labor from March, 2007

Lebanon: The Plight of Migrant Workers

The sad plight of migrant workers in Lebanon comes under the spotlight in an article by Syrian blogger Yaman which appears on Migrant Rights in the Middle East. (Warning: the item linked to in this post contains graphic and upsetting images)

Americans in Moldova; Moldovans in Italy…

  29 March 2007

Alexandru Culiuc's weblog is one of the best in the Moldovan blogosphere – probably the one I enjoy reading the most, and happily it has an owner and readership that don't seem to mind my mostly English-language comments. Last year, Alex had an interesting post about foreigners’ impressions of Moldova...

Arabisc: Job Hunting in Bahrain?

Bahraini blogger Silverooo, who has just graduated from university, may have hit the jackpot and will soon be making more money than any other graduate her age. Her idea? The guide you see on the left – Job Hunting in Bahrain for Dummies. And the blogger knows what she is...

Iran: Connecting the Medical World and Norouz Inspires Reflection

Iranian bloggers provide information, share their opinions, and discuss various issues with their photography, illustrations, and text. But that's not all. Occasionally, they launch plans to make the world a better place. Paris Marashi, an Iranian-American video-blogger has revealed a project that aims to bring Iranian medical professionals in contact...

Sri Lanka: Women and Work

  28 March 2007

True Sri Lankan adds his take on the issue of women with children below the age of five years not being allowed to seek employment abroad. “This is a careful line to tread and I believe that the ban while solving some problems will only increase other problems such as,...

Bahrain: Storms and D-cups

Bahrain was enveloped in a heavy dust storm on Thursday night, the beginning of the weekend, and TechZ wrote about getting caught in it: I couldn’t see anything ahead, other than for the windshield and my wipers. Headlights were useless in this much sand and rain drops. I had to...

Haiti: HOPE Act Implemented

  22 March 2007

Haiti Innovation applauds the implementation of preferential trade status for Haiti via the HOPE Act: “…this is a first step. There is still much to do in Haiti…but let this minor triumph in Haiti’s economic stabilization be a reminder to us all that with hard work, perseverance, and faith, much...

Russia: Now and Before

  20 March 2007

What has been written about Russia under Nicholas II sounds much like what could've been written about Putin's Russia. Apricotflan.com draws some conclusions and makes some forecasts.

Poland: Demography

  20 March 2007

The beatroot writes: “Poland’s population is shrinking faster than any other country in the EU. Strange that, in a country that claims to be 95 percent Catholic, don’t you think?”

Bahrain: A Kite in My Heart!

Bahrain-based blogger Bint Battuta attended a kite demonstration , at a time when she is actually feeling like there a kite in her heart. “I feel like I have a kite flying inside me right now! Yesterday was my last day at work – in full-time work, that is, as...

Iran:Several teachers were arrested

According to Khorous a few hundreds security agents repressed teachers’ demonstration in front of Parliament[Fa] and several of them were arrested.Teachers have asked for a salary raise but their negotiation with government failed.

Philippines: More Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder

  8 March 2007

Caffeinesparks celebrates the Women's day by digging up statistics that points to Philippines having the most number of women in top corporate positions. “My country tops the list of countries with the most number of senior management executives among 32 surveyed nations (including yours). In the region where wives supposedly...

Hong Kong: migrant worker

  7 March 2007

A citizen report on migrant workers’ life in Hong Kong and their feelings for this society, translated from inmediahk.net to interlocals.net.