· June, 2006

Stories about Labor from June, 2006

China: Four months later

  24 June 2006

Beijing or Bust blogger and documentary maker Hao Wu has now been in prison for four months for a crime that has Chinese authorities have yet to announce. More than a month ago, Hao's sister Nina was informed that her younger brother would be denied legal representation.

China: Revolution’s victims’ stories blogged, not forgotten (2/4)

  22 June 2006

Chinese blogger-journalist Ran Yunfei (冉云飞) has spent a large part of his life researching the stories of those painted, purged and persecuted as right wing elements during China's Cultural Revolution; unable to have the stories published in any official media, he's turned to his own well-known blog. Early last month...

Echoes from the Tunisian blogosphere

The most talked about topic in the Tunisian blogosphere this past week is obviously the Tunisian team's dissapointing performance at the World Cup in Germany after their draw with Saudi Arabia. Some feedback in French from: Tunisian star, Adib, Anis, Nawarat, Assouma. On a more serious note, Tarek writes about...

Malaysia: Going Rubber Tapping

  20 June 2006

Ktemoc takes a break from serious commentary on his blog and remembers a rubber tapping experience from his younger days. “Unc assigned me to a young lady instead of a man that I expected. She would call for me at 4-ish. “But Unc, don’t they tap in the morning?” He...

Trinidad & Tobago: Labour Day

  20 June 2006

Attillah Springer checks out the Labour Day festivities in Trinidad on June 20, and observes that “the labour leaders seem stuck in a 1930's groove, they speak with a microwaved eloquence about reigniting the spirt of Butler but I wonder if they really know what that means. Is that simply...

Cayman Islands: Expat exodus

  19 June 2006

Cayman Bobby is concerned that the high cost of living in the Cayman Islands is driving expats like himself away, including some of his potential colleagues at the Royal Caymanian Police Service:

Caribbean: BLP role in CSME

  19 June 2006

The Barbados Labour Party blog gives its political leader — and Prime Minister of Barbados — Owen Arthur a pat on the back for the role he has played in the development of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).

Haiti: Telecom Wars

  18 June 2006

Digicel billboard, Martinique. By blogger Greg at InternetRapide.com. Jamaica-based Caribbean telecom giant Digicel has a presence in over a dozen countries in the region. Digicel officially launched operations on the Haitian market in May to much resistance from local private telecoms Haitel and Comcel but bloggers and other web commentators...

China: Revolution's victims’ stories blogged, not forgotten (1/4)

  14 June 2006

For a good number of years, Sichuan-based blogger-journalist Ran Yunfei (冉云飞) has been collecting the stories of those persecuted as right wing elements during the Cultural Revolution, another part of Chinese contemporary history largely left unexplored even to this day. Early this year Ran began posting his research findings on...

Taiwan: ipod sweatshop

  14 June 2006

The breaking news of ipod sweatshop in China has been picked up by Taiwan Citizen journalism (zh) website Coolloud as the contracting company Foxconn (registered in Hong Kong) is owned by a Taiwanese multi-national corporate Hon Hai. According to the report workers work 15 hours a week while earning USD...

Nigeria: Unemployment scam

  12 June 2006

Nigerian blog, Exodus comments on an employment/unemployment scam “about a man ripping off people under the guise of helping them secure employment with the Immigration Service. “

Iran: Smuggled Goods

Nobetema talks about how smuggled goods & products have created difficult situation for national industry. Blogger says goods are smuggled in country without any taxes are paid. Then their price is cheaper than national made goods or products and national producers have no chance to compete. Blogger adds because of...

Kerala: The anti-people Communist Govt

  6 June 2006

A communist government can sometimes leave out common people in their race to please the trade union leaders. Dog's Own Country comments on how head-loaders in Kerala appear to be appeased by the government, even as they hold people to ransom by not doing the work, or not allowing others...

Soviet History: Stalin's Labor Army

J. Otto Pohl writes about a special category of Stalin's victims: “During World War II, the Stalin regime mobilized nearly 400,000 Soviet citizens belonging to suspect nationalities into forced labor detachments. The majority of these men and women, 220,000 in total, worked in corrective labor camps under conditions almost identical...