· March, 2009

Stories about International Relations from March, 2009

Barbados: Impact on Tourism

  23 March 2009

“Although we applaud the current Minister of Tourism…for taking the bold step to restructure the Barbados Tourism Authority Board, what purpose will it serve if we have a tarnished brand to sell?”: Barbados Underground is concerned about the future of the island's tourism sector.

Cambodia: Rice politics

  23 March 2009

Rice is more than a staple of the Cambodian diet. It also implicates land rights, trade and international relations. Some Cambodians are frustrated over land leases to neighboring Vietnam. They are concerned the leases will evolve into ownership changes, resulting in a reduction of Cambodian territory.

Korea: Two American Journalists are detained in North Korea.

  22 March 2009

Two American Journalists – a Korean American and Chinese American – are detained in North Korea after they tried to report on North Korean issues (It is known that they were interested in female North Korean defectors). Three days behind, the South Korean media started talking about this incident in...

Cambodia: Oil wealth

  22 March 2009

There are reports hinting of large oil and gas deposits in Cambodia. Will this create a vast oil wealth for Cambodia?