· July, 2011

Stories about Ideas from July, 2011

Barbados: Authentic Anime

  6 July 2011

The Bajan Reporter profiles young entrepreneurs/comic book creators who he thinks may well “become the Marvel/DC of the West Indies!”

Trinidad & Tobago: Blood Donation

  5 July 2011

“What’s missing from the Blood Bank now is a readily shared message that will take people past the banking metaphor to a fresh and inspiring rationale for blood donation”: bitdepth blogs about donating blood and “the missteps of of the National Blood Transfusion Service over the last six months”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Here Comes the Rain

  5 July 2011

“Rain brings mixed emotions and the delightful confusion of love you feel for a place that is a most sometime-ish lover”: four fingers and a thumb 2.0 is listening to the sound of the rain.

Cuba: Political Implications of Chavez’ Illness

  4 July 2011

“For several days, millions of people tried to decipher what happened in the hospital room where Hugo Chavez is resting. Because beyond the resilience of an individual, in that room is defined a part of the road map of this Island…”: Generation Y explains how “to care for Chavez is...