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Stories about Ideas from February, 2011

China: Farewell to all Mubaraks!

  13 February 2011

"Illegitimate regimes," writes Chinese novelist Yang Hengjun of Hosni Mubarak, "end up illegitimate, no matter how many impressive reasons you put forward, no matter how smooth-tongued you are, no matter how big your army is."

Tunisia: What Follows the Revolution?

  11 February 2011

President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia more than three weeks ago, but clashes with police and protests by people demanding jobs or better wages are still taking place in Tunisia. In this post we hear from Tunisian bloggers on the current situation, some voicing frustration at the lack of order, even as the overall tone is hopeful that everything will work out in the end.

Trinidad & Tobago: Economic Parallels

  10 February 2011

“It is an epic failure in that the world’s strongest and most diversified financial system was brought, literally, to its knees by a tidal wave of greed”: Afra Raymond says that “If any of this sounds familiar, yes, you are right; it is almost the same as our own crisis.”

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Virtual Reality

  10 February 2011

“I wonder if people are somehow lulling themselves into a belief that the digital world is not real or somehow divorced from the real world”: Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac says everything is connected.

Jamaica: Watching Egypt Make History

  9 February 2011

“Social media play a role in the way popular discontent with government is communicated”: Pray, laugh grow! realises that “Egypt is at a crucial point in its history.”

Taiwan: Women's role in free and open source software movement

  9 February 2011

WoFOSS (Women in Free and Open Source Software in Taiwan) is a community of females in free and open software development and movement. Traditionally, in the field of information/engineering, men are always in charge, however, for many years, women have been stepping in from various directions, including developers, promoters, or...

Jamaica: Social Media is the Message

  7 February 2011

“How messages of revolution are transmitted is crucial…this is why…powerbrokers have always tried to control the media, whether these were the drums of the enslaved signaling revolt on Caribbean plantations or more contemporary forms of broadcasting which now include Twitter and Facebook”: Annie Paul thinks Malcolm Gladwell is wrong about...

Jamaica: Lessons from Marley

  7 February 2011

“One of the most striking aspects of Marley’s songwriting is his authenticity”: Diaspora litblogger Geoffrey Philp wonders if bloggers can learn a few lessons from the late reggae great.

Egypt: Tahrir Square's Mini Utopia

  7 February 2011

There is another side to the ongoing revolution in Egypt, which is the daily life of those people sitting in on Tahrir Square. For the past 12 days, they have remained on the square, eating, drinking, chanting, cheering - simply living there day and night. Life here has its own rhythm now, and the spirit on diplay is of a mini Utopia.

Cambodia: Review of Tedx Phnom Penh

  7 February 2011

Tedx Phnom Penh conducted its first event in Cambodia last February 5 with the theme “Building the Future”. Here are some blog and twitter reviews of the event

Global: Thoughts on interfaith harmony and world peace

  5 February 2011

In this, the first, World Interfaith Harmony Week, people from all faiths have been getting together to forget about differences and promote religious tolerance and dialogue based on the mantras "Love of God and love of one's neighbour" or "love of the good and love of one's neighbour". Worldwide bloggers share views on why this dialogue is so important – and why it is not impossible to achieve it.

Cuba: Pacheco Blogs From Exile

  4 February 2011

“Cubans, undeniably, have to find a path. We must keep one thing very present: only love can save us from human misery”: Pablo Pacheco, one of the prisoners of Cuba’s Black Spring, blogs about some of his experiences while in confinement.

China: Internet service as a social contract

  4 February 2011

What do Chinese netizens think is more likely to spark a new political movement in China: Facebook, a Joe Lieberman-style Internet kill switch, or widespread corruption, inflation and human rights abuses? Find out below.

Cuba: More Questions About Mazorra

  3 February 2011

Laritza's Laws notes the decision of the Havana Provincial Court in the case of the deaths, by starvation and cold, of 26 psychiatric patients in January 2010, saying: “So the trial ended. Sentences were handed out, but many questions remain.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Watching Egypt

  3 February 2011

Globewriter is “gripped” by the unfolding situation in Egypt, saying: “It is analogous to numerous other struggles going on within countries by groups of people who demand the right to be heard”, while Antilles reaches for the poems of Martin Carter: “Their ferocity seems recharged by the images and stories...

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