· May, 2010

Stories about Ideas from May, 2010

Jamaica: Double Cross?

  21 May 2010

“Approving the extradition order for Dudus was the cross… Now we’re waiting to find out what’s the DOUBLE CROSS”: Jamaica and the World reads between the lines.

Egypt: No Longer Jewel of the Nile

Four of the seven upstream Nile Basin Initiative countries have decided to sign a new Nile deal. Despite strong Egyptian and Sudanese opposition, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia signed a new water-sharing agreement. Egyptian bloggers react to the news in this post by Marwa Rakha.

Middle East: “Blood Borders”

  20 May 2010

Martin W. Lewis from GeoCurrent Event blog reviews Ralph Lewis’ “Blood Borders” article on the idea of a complete reshape of Middle East borders in order to fit more appropriately the ethnic and religious affiliations of the region.

Trinidad & Tobago: Election Predictions

  19 May 2010

Mark Lyndersay predicts the results of the upcoming elections in Trinidad and Tobago based on “nothing more than a casual remembrance of who these people are in public life, the general public perception of them and, frankly, what they look like in their photographs.”

Japan: Buddhist Pet Funerals

  19 May 2010

The Quirky Japan Blog introduces some actions a pet owner can take following the loss of a beloved pet, in a post titled “Buddhist Pet Funerals“.

Taiwan: Expecting Youth Power of New Generation

  18 May 2010

Aboutfish, former senior journalist and now the founder of TaiwanGoodLife(online aggregator of citizen media), talks about the moments of democratic enlightenment in her youth life(zht). Like most Taiwanese born before 1980, she did not know any democratic movements and protests ever happened in Taiwan due to media and ideological control...

China: Blogger interrogated after criticizing Shanghai EXPO 2010

  18 May 2010

A blogger, A Bad Friend, was summoned by security police for interrogation over tea upon writing an article, 10 sins of EXPO 2010, on his blog. After the tea session, he wrote another article, “La Dernière Classe”, recording the conversation between the security police and himself. The exchange reflects the ideological conflict between a party-state nation represented by the security police and a people-orientated nation represented by the student blogger.

Trinidad & Tobago: Social Media Interaction

  17 May 2010

“This general election has seen the most social media usage in the history of Trinidad and Tobago”: KnowTnT.com says that while this is a positive development, “something is missing. Interaction.”

Jamaica: Feeling It

  17 May 2010

Active Voice empathizes with her Prime Minister, “because this turn of events has nothing to do with him personally, or the Jamaica Labour Party for that matter. It's just the way the cookie crumbles in countries that are well on their way to being narco-democracies.”

Bermuda: Media Council

  14 May 2010

“I believe the Media Council bill is badly written, steeped in political motive, and an affront to freedom of the speech in Bermuda”: Vexed Bermoothes thinks the implementation of the proposed bill “is flawed for many reasons.”

Haiti: Tensions & Demonstrations

  13 May 2010

“Almost four months have passed since the earthquake, but the Haitian people can’t get the rubble out of sight”: For Inside Disaster, Emmanuel Midi reports on a demonstration in Haiti demanding the return on exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide.