· April, 2010

Stories about Ideas from April, 2010

Bangladesh: On Ideologues

  12 April 2010

Jiten Roy at Mukto-Mona comments: “It’s not easy to have a discussion with an ideologue because they believe in the absoluteness of their views, and their minds are closed; there is no room for accommodation.”

Japan: The meaning of globalization

  8 April 2010

Chikirin reflects upon the meaning of ‘globalization’ [ja]. She wonders whether it's really possible to call ‘global’ the Japanese companies, only because they export their products abroad, while their personnel remains very ‘local’. In her elaborate post, the blogger also compares the Japanese companies with the European and American ones,...

Haiti: “The Quake”

  6 April 2010

The Haitian Blogger calls PBS’ recent documentary on the Haitian earthquake “distorted”, saying: “It would have been great if the writers and producers of ‘The Quake’ had offered a documentary that was not only representative of the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake, but was also an accurate historical, political,...

Trinidad & Tobago: False Connection?

  6 April 2010

“Glimpses of status updates sufficed. Comments on pictures were quick and hurried, not considered. The like button became a false symbol of connection”: Judette at Mango Media Caribbean thinks “it's time we took our friendship off Facebook.”

Lebanon: ArabNet discussed the future of Arabic web in English

Arabnet 2010 is a tech conference that was held in Beirut recently. While many of the participants considered it a success, there was a major criticism that kept people talking and writing about it days after the conference was concluded. The problem was that while the conference supposedly focuses on Arabic web it adopted English as its official language and the website, discussions, and presentations were all in English.

The Big Issue Hits Taiwan

  2 April 2010

Taiwan is the 9th country that publishes The Big Issue. Li Chi Zhong, the founder of Roodo Blog, introduces this model to Taiwan with a hope to develop a new type of social business. One month before publishing the first issue, bigissue.tw started its Facebook fan page to recruit volunteers. So far it has 27,000 fans.

Taiwan: “Slideophilia”

  1 April 2010

Professor Chih-Hao Tsai talks about the weird but common phenomena he observed in Taiwan:”Slideophilia“. He concludes that not only the design of a speech rooms, the video-cam that is always focusing on the slides, the audience that are reading printed slides at their hands, but also “many speakers themselves are slideophilia who rather sacrifice...