· February, 2009

Stories about Ideas from February, 2009

Jamaica, Spain: Considering the Environment

  18 February 2009

As the King and Queen of Spain visit Jamaica, Snailwriter is concerned about what an alliance between the two countries could mean for the environment: “‘Spanish hotels have become part of the geography of Jamaica and they are here to stay.’ And that is the tragedy. When the economic downturn...

Barbados: Anti-Money Laundering Authority

  17 February 2009

“I can find little evidence to suggest that AMLA is ‘fully operational’ or even that it exists”: Barbados Money Laundering Advisory has more questions than answers about the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority.

Japan: Hetalia Axis Powers and the limits of parody

  17 February 2009

Hetalia, a satirical manga set mainly during the Second World War and featuring national protagonists of that era, has attracted attention among both domestic and international audiences for its caricature of world nations. In this post, read reactions in translation from bloggers in both Japan, where the manga originated, and in Italy, the country most strongly ridiculed.

Cuba: Revolution.com

  16 February 2009

Generation Y is “more alarmed than comforted” by “hopes for broad access to the internet” in Cuba, but notes: “A true revolution.com takes place parallel and contrary to the rationing they want to impose on the virtual world. Its commanders carry strange names like Gmail, WordPress, Skype and Facebook: they...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Accountability

  16 February 2009

“What possesses the leader of a political party to appoint someone who is viewed as the patron of his political party, who is the chairman of a major regional financial entity (CLICO Barbados), as the chairman of government-controlled/national broadcasting company?”: Living in Barbados thinks that the government has some explaining...

Trinidad & Tobago: Curmudgeonly Carnival

  16 February 2009

“Carnival is big business. Fetes costing five hundred dollars and up, mas costumes that are equivalent to a house or car payment, is it all worth bankrupting yourself?”: Coffeewallah explains why, national festival or not, she won't be participating in this year's Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Jamaica: Sex vs. Erotica

  16 February 2009

“I have no problem whatsoever with sex in fiction. But I do have a problem with erotica”: Jamaican author and blogger Marlon James explains.

Korea: Valentine’s Day, Suicide and Blogs

  16 February 2009

A blogger shares his experience on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago. On Valentine’s Day this year, four people died on the subway. tracks How will you get over your difficulties and loneliness? Blogs can be the answer, he said. 발렌타인데이였던 오늘 여러 사람들이 투신 자살하는 일이 발생했다. 오늘 하루만 3곳에서...

Jordan: Mourning Rituals

  16 February 2009

Kinziblogs, from Jordan, discusses mourning traditions and rituals in Jordan, in this post, written as she prepares to meet mourners visiting her home to pay respect for her father-in-law.

East Timor: Suai Media Space Challenges the Digital Divide

  15 February 2009

In this second post of a series to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the arrival of the Internet in East Timor, Sara Moreira interviews Australian documentary-maker Jen Hughes - founder of Suai Media Space, whose main objective is to make the voices of Suai youth heard all over the world - and discusses the fight to minimize the digital divide even without broadband connection in Suai.

Brunei: Think Big ICT Business Plan Competition

  14 February 2009

The 'Think Big ICT Business Plan Competition' aims "to motivate local entrepreneurs to realise their ideas in the field of information and communications technology with the opportunity to develop their business ideas and enhance their creativity; as well as to provide a platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing entrepreneurial talents in Brunei."