· April, 2007

Stories about Ideas from April, 2007

Bermuda: Measuring Tourism

  24 April 2007

“I'm sure tourism numbers are up. And I'm glad that we seem to be making some gains. But…the question is ‘by how much?'”. Politics.bm has some suggestions for measuring tourist arrivals in Bermuda.

Bahamas: Mapping Perspectives

  23 April 2007

Bahamian Nicolette Bethel, linking to a blog called Strange Maps, muses on the fact that “mapping is an exercise not only in making sense out of the world, but in dominating the world. A map, like a book, is not a fact; it is an interpretation of a fact, a...

Oman: Gay Marriages a Rumour

Omani blogger Nabhan Abdullatif gets the shock of his life when he hears a fellow student announce in class at his Jordan university that gay marriages are allowed in his country. “He basically went on and on about how gay couples from Kuwait or Saudi Arabia come to Oman to...

Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago: More Thoughts on VT

  20 April 2007

Posting from Trinidad, Thebookmann is concerned that the media has played into the VT gunman's “sick little cold, dead hands” by broadcasting footage of the killer “unleashing his hateful rage to a camera. The airing of such imagery is a grave mistake…something that I have seen for too long in...

Trinidad & Tobago: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  19 April 2007

Trinidadian blogger Elspeth at Now is Wow responds to a comment on a post she had written about American rapper Akon's appalling behaviour on stage with a female fan, in the context of Elton John's upcoming performance at the Tobago Jazz Festival: “Yes, women should respect themselves and not cheaply...

Guyana: Parent-Child Relationship

  18 April 2007

“Everyday, in between silly mother-daughter struggles, we insist on taking care of one another…sometimes we appreciate, sometimes resent because it feel so over-protective; other times, we take it for granted.” Guyana-Gyal examines the parent-child relationship.

South Korea: The Politics of Pride and Shame

  18 April 2007

Michael Hurt discussed about the politics of pride and shame in South Korea society. His prediction on the social and media reaction on the recent events at Virginia Tech, with the mass murder-suicide of Cho Seung-Hui is very accurate: There is going to be serious national shame, expressed through the...

Visiting the Peruvian Blog Village

  17 April 2007

This time around we'll visit some blogs that we haven't seen before. Blogs of another type; the sort that perhaps do not catch you attention at first glace if your interests lie in politics or cyber-activism, but blogs that have their place and their followers just the same. We must always walk with a careful eye; sometimes the diamonds are where we least expected. So let's explore a little.

Cuba: Political Balance Por Favor

  17 April 2007

The publicly-funded STV network in Sweden last year broadcast a four-hour show in honour of Fidel Castro's 80th birthday. Child of the Revolution has discovered that “19 formal complaints were lodged with the Swedish Broadcasting Commission…The regulator concluded that the ‘theme evening’ had breached a requirement that television productions be...

Jamaica: Decolonization of the Mind

  17 April 2007

Further to his post on Frances-Anne Solomon, who called creation “a form of terror, particularly when you come from a colonial context”, Geoffrey Philp examines fellow Jamaican Olive Senior's poem Colonial Girls School, which grapples with decolonization of the mind.

Bahrain: Ambassador Attends Passover Dinner

Bahraini blogger Silver reports that his country's Ambassador attended a Jewish Seder dinner to mark Passover in Washington DC, US. He wonders what this gesture means. “(S)o is this building bridges? or going against our core beliefs ? anyone cares to comment,” he writes.