· June, 2014

Stories about Ideas from June, 2014

The Inca Road Is a New World Heritage Site

  23 June 2014

For the first time in the 40 years of World Heritage convention, six countries united to submit a joint application to designate a cultural site as world heritage. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru requested that the Incan Road be included as a cultural heritage site. The announcement was made in...

Sharing with Great-Grandparents

  22 June 2014

On the website OhLaLá!, Inés Saínz remembers her great grandmother on her blog De la mamá (From mom) and reflects on inter-generational sharing now that she is a mother of two: La manera que la nonna tenía de demostrar cariño era a través de la comida. Ahí sí se excedía. Podía pasarse...

Peru: Love Is… New Ways of Surprising Your Girlfriend

  11 June 2014

He had it all planned to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday giving her a huge teddy bear, but a transportation strike made him walk [es] more than four miles (seven kilometers) carrying along the gigantic present. This is the happy ending story of Jonatan Rosas, from the district of...

China: Keyboard Supermen and Angry Youth 2.0

  7 June 2014

OffbeatChina wondered why bystanders in China never stop being indifferent even after so many waves of condemnation online? To seek the answer, the blogger looked into the character of keyboard supermen and angry youth 2.0.

Suriname: The Faces of Inspiration

  6 June 2014

During exhibitions I often ask myself to what extent the location or the surroundings influence my perception. Srananart's Blog attends an art exhibit “about religion, rituals and death”.

Fundraisings by Children Protection Foundation in Argentina

  5 June 2014

On the blog section of Argentinian newspapaer La Nación [es], Daniel Balmaceda tells us on his Unexpected tales [es] the origins of the fundraising campaigns by the Children Protection Foundation [es] (Padelai, by its Spanish name) in Buenos Aires: A comienzos del siglo XX, en Berlín y Copenhague se realizaba...

Learning with Your Child

  2 June 2014

Zahir Aileen writes [es] on Las netas de Mamá [Mom's babies] how are children currently learning: el problema no es lo que ven, escuchan, o viven tal cual, sino que no estén acompañados o que no haya una persona que seleccione correctamente lo que es prudente conocer a cada edad...