· September, 2006

Stories about Ideas from September, 2006

Turkey is Typing…

  30 September 2006

As that transition from the lazy days of Summer turn into Fall, a gloomy spell has fallen over the Turkish bloggers this week…and actually, I can agree with them myself. Murat from American Turk writes about the frustration of the day to day mundane of the office: I'm unhappy at...

Vietnam: Caring for Parents

  29 September 2006

Virtual Doug in a post titled Filial Piety talks about the differences in parent child relationship in Vietnam and the US. “The American and Asian cultures are very, very different in the ways they look at honoring Mom and Dad. My Vietnamese students made it very clear that merely sending...

Serbian Blog Roundup

  29 September 2006

A house at the Golija Mountain – by Bogdan Cirovic At English section of Serbiancafe discussion board, Toshiba blogs out: Village of Rudno at Golija mountain is at altitude of 1200 meters. You would need four hours from Belgrade to get here by car. Beauties of one region are not...

Ghana: how to participate in web economy

  28 September 2006

Tropically Tolerant has an interesting idea: “In my last entry, I suggested that it was time for the average Ghanaian developer with an Internet connection to participate in the new web economy. I concluded that the main barrier to entry is a distribution network for the money being earned. Today,...

Barbados: Karl Brodhagen

  25 September 2006

Linda Thompkins highlights the career of Guyana-born Barbados artist Karl Brodhagen, sculptor of one of Barbados's most famous public artworks.

Bahamas: Doing what you love

  25 September 2006

“. . . the humanity of the Bahamian citizen has been compromised. We allow ourselves and our reality to be defined by other people, because we have made it difficult, if not impossible, for our creative artists to make a living doing what they love,” writes Nicolette Bethel.

Trinidad & Tobago: Blogging the Arts

  25 September 2006

AS THE Anglophone Caribbean blogosphere grows, so does the number of specialist blogs devoted to specific subjects. For two decades now, Trinidad has been a major site for contemporary art in the Caribbean, rivalling the better known art centres of Cuba and Jamaica, though not enjoying the same amount of...

Jamaica: Dub poet

  25 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp posts the latest in his series of “Five Questions” interviews with Caribbean authors. This week his interviewee is Jamaican dub poet Malachi.

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  24 September 2006

To kick off this week, Ghalia welcomes the holy month of Ramadan in her special way, with another beautiful shot of her camera… “Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur-an, as a guide to mankind, also Clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong)…”...

Africa: African bloggers conference 2007

  22 September 2006

Following the heated debate about the Digital Citizen Indaba on Blogging, Mental Acrobatics has a practical suggestion: “So this is what i suggest. Clearly we have many African bloggers who have an opinion on what an African blogging conference should or should not have, should or should not do. We...

Brazil: Digital Varjão – Cultural Hotspot in Action

  18 September 2006

Jose Murilo Junior describes the “cultural hotspot” workshop of Digital Varjão, which encourages young people in Varjão do Torto – a low income informal settlement in the outskirts of Brasília – to use open source software to express themselves creatively and share their day to day experiences online. You can...

Caribbean: Global Learn Day Ten

  15 September 2006

Trinidad-based blogger Taran Rampersad, one of the keynoters at the upcoming Global Learn Day Ten, posts the outline for his presentation on Latin America and the Caribbean .

Malaysia: Suggestions for the new IGP

  15 September 2006

Popular Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi and podcaster Oon Yeoh have some suggestion for the newly appointed inspector general of Malaysian police in their latest podcast. The new chief is taking over at a time when the rising crime rate and police heavy-handedness has all Malaysians worried.

Brunei: Dealing With Stray Animals

  15 September 2006

There is a debate on in Brunei over what to do with stray animals after a boy was attacked by a stray dog. There were calls for setting up an animal shelter. The blogger at Daily Brunei Resources has further comments on the issue and a possible solution for setting...

Trinidad & Tobago: Galvanize

  13 September 2006

The blog of the Galvanize project, “a platform for presenting new work by visual, performing, and literary artists, and for provoking critical discussion of art practice and reception in the contemporary Caribbean,” announces that the programme's official launch will take place on September 14. The blog also features a schedule...

China: Video save taskforce needed

  12 September 2006

When tens of thousands of Ruian, Zhejiang citizens came out to protest the official conclusion of an investigation into the death of high school teacher Dai Haijing, it didn't take long for the news—despite being banned from mainstream media—to flash through Chinese blogs and BBS’. When short videos were taken...

The Kannada Context: Post-modernist. Post-9/11. Concerns.

  11 September 2006

Firstly, let us remember the victims of 9/11. Let us wish that the world leaders gather enough sense and courage to fight the root cause of terrorism, and not just resort to paranoiac ways like “racial profiling”. Like they say do not attribute malice to that which can be sufficiently...