· May, 2005

Stories about Ideas from May, 2005

Flags as graphs of social issues

10 May 2005

Icaro Doria, a 25-year old Brazilian reporter for Lisbon-based Grande Reportagem magazine, has produced a beautiful set of eight images, part of a series called “Meet the World”. The images distort national flags to turn them into graphs of statistics about social and political issues. Brazil's flag becomes a map...

Brainstorming for a more global conversation

  7 May 2005

I thought this morning's Global Voices session went pretty well. Most of the people in the room were, of course, American. I started by talking about how – according to initial findings by Ethan Zuckerman – the American blogosphere actually talks about less of the world than the mainstream media...

Blog for Human Rights!

  7 May 2005

Human Rights Watch is encouraging bloggers to use their RSS feeds and blog for human rights. HRW would like to help bloggers get the information they need to blog more frequently about human rights issues around the world. Show you care, put their feeds in your aggregator, and join the...