· August, 2007

Stories about Humor from August, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: TSTT's Flat Rate

  9 August 2007

“Why after all this time has the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago decided to introduce a flat rate for all customers instead of the ‘complex rate structure’ we all now enjoy?” The Manicou Report speculates on the company's motives.

China: Google and Baidu Spoof War

  8 August 2007

William Long posted some spoofing videos produced by Google and Baidu, in which, Google called Baidu “hundred poisons” and Baidu mocked google as a foreign / alien company (zh). Spoof has become a popular genre for advertisement in China.

Traffic Points System for Qatar

Paul R writes that a new traffic law has been introduced in Qatar. Every time you disobey a traffic law, you lose a few points which could lead to your license being suspended or revoked. He speculates that if the system is implemented “the roads of Qatar will be traffic...

China and South Korea: China’s pride offended

  6 August 2007

Some pet shop in Yongin City (in South Korea) had made a photoshoped version of Tiananmen gate that used a picture of a dog instead of Chairman Mao — the issue then turned into an international affair as China's pride claimed to be offended –More from R Elign, Marmot's Hole.

Africa: African music meets China

  4 August 2007

African music meets China, via Museke: “A couple of years ago, a friend showed me a video of a Chinese man singing Makossa songs. Zhen Ping Liu, popularly known as Liu de Karmer to his fans was the first ever and lone Chinese Makossa singer. The name of the song...

Thailand: No to Coups

  1 August 2007

Siam Sentinel comments on the news that Thailand's new draft charter is making coups unconstitutional. The blogger finds the news amusing as the current government came into power after a coup.

Malaysia: RM100k a month for Blogging

  1 August 2007

Suanie is asking bloggers who earn RM 100K a month to stand up and teach her their blogging tricks. This is after a Malaysian ruling party's information chief accused some bloggers of taking large amount of cash from foreign organisations and writing critical posts about the government.

Peru: Celebrating Independence Day

  1 August 2007

Peruvian bloggers celebrated their country's independence day with tributes to their homeland. On their blogs, they wrote posts highlighting what they love about Peru and reflections about what makes their country unique.