· November, 2007

Stories about Humor from November, 2007

Bahrain: Kitting Out An Islamic Car

  17 November 2007

This week in Bahrain we have a thoughtful post about the nature of God, a story of a sex education class, visitors’ varying experiences of both Bahrain and Spain, and a complaint about public toilets. There is also an intriguing examination of the specifications an Islamic car should have…

Jamaica: All Work and No Play

  16 November 2007

“Yesterday while at work, I looked on the computer clock, noted that it was past 4:00pm and silently cheered. When did I become a clock watcher?” asks CityGirl.

Uganda: Are you ready for CHOGM?

  14 November 2007

Ugandan bloggers (popularly known as the Blogren) gear up for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, worry about the latest developments in the north and keep tabs on their favorite reality television star, Maureen Namatovu.

Hong Kong: Batman and Foreign Power

  12 November 2007

While Martin Lee was criticized as traitor because of his article in Wall Street Journal, diumanpark pointed out that Hong Kong people always welcomed foreign power, and in fact the government has been actively invited foreign power to enter Hong Kong, such as Disneyland and Batman (zh).

Japan: Cat Pot Video

  12 November 2007

Cat pot video became a popular motif in Japan. According to Mari, this is the first video clip and here is the search result from youtube.

Bermuda: Vote – Or Else

  12 November 2007

Politics.bm posts video of an ad designed to encourage Bermudan citizens to register to vote: “The exact same ad, paired with a very uplifting audio track, could have been more appropriate and effective; encouraging participation rather than suggesting that the Anti-Christ will arrive if you don't vote.”

Russia: Chewing Gum in the Soviet Union

  12 November 2007

Like a million other things, chewing gum wasn't freely available in the Soviet Union. In the post translated below, a Russian blogger recalls a childhood experience involving chewing gum - zhvachka - that appears comical now, but must have been rather traumatic 30 years ago.

Brazil: 5 years old boy dressed as Spiderman saves baby

  9 November 2007

Rachel Glickhouse, from Adventures of a Gringa in Rio, brings a piece of news that happened in Santa Catarina, state in the south of Brazil: “5-year old boy named Riquelme (named after an Argentine soccer player), rescued a one-year old girl from a terrible fire in a neighboring home, while...

Jamaica: Where De Lizard?

  9 November 2007

What's “thick and long and fat…and just big enough to keep a few thousand Jamaicans from ever moving home permanently”? Francis Wade spills the beans.

Japan: Savings Bomb

  9 November 2007

Edward Chmura from Japundit introduces a new toy called “savings bomb” bank. It is designed to “explode” and scatter its contents all over the place if it is not fed coins over some preset interval.