· August, 2006

Stories about Humor from August, 2006

Russia: Portraits of Putin

  11 August 2006

Samson Sholademi – LJ user sholademi, journalist of a Russian tabloid Express Gazeta – displays a unique drawing collection on his blog: portraits of Russia's president Vladimir Putin, made by children (mainly). There is Putin “relaxing at home, reading a book to his doggie Kony” (by Vika Lvova, 9), and...

Indonesia: Toilet with a View

  9 August 2006

Maya, an Indonesian blogger in France finds an open air toilet on an ancient wall by the Mediterranean sea and wonders if anyone ever uses it.

China: CCTV -1 condom

  7 August 2006

A man in Fujian is trying to register a brand of condoms he calls “Central 1 condom” (zhong yang yi tao), which refers to CCTV-1. Ah Q weekly looks into the literal meaning of “Zhong yang Yi Tao”. “Tao” is related with “trap and arrest”, therefore, if CCTV claimed the...

Voices from Kazakhstan

  4 August 2006

Welcome to our latest round-up of blog posts and online discussions that took place in the Kazakhstani blogosphere in the last two weeks. We start off with Russian-language neweurasia Kazakhstan blog. A new contributor from Karaganda Basil B. Akimov sheds light on another scandal in Kazakh healthcare. Karaganda prosecutor initiated...

Slovakia: Two Pravdas

  3 August 2006

Deleted By Tomorrow writes about Pravda.sk: “‘Slovakia's most widely read broadsheet,’ which means I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-feet pole, the daily newspaper Pravda was sold recently to the Daily Mail. The Glory of Carniola writes about Pravda.ru: “Let's all give a warm [Pozdravlyayu] (congratulations) to the Russian online...

China: Yao Ming resturant?

  2 August 2006

Dan Washburn in Shanghaiist investigates whether Yao Ming had really openned up a resturant in Shanghai: what the People's Daily is calling the Yao Restaurant is really Yeeha.

Panama: The Butterfest

  2 August 2006

Eric Levy has built the reputation of a very popular and smart Geek in Panama. The Jewish, Panamanian comic-book creator has developed a new event that started almost 5 years ago in his backyard…known as the Butterfest. Tonight the Butterfest is turning into a commercial endeavour for Eric. Visit the...

Cable TV is a right

  1 August 2006

The Sri Lankan blogosphere is concerned by the Sri Lankan government's decision of shutting down LBN & CBNSat cable TV services in the country and more to follow. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers are affected by this. Lanka Libertarian ironically puts that the Sri Lankan government should make cable tv a basic human right shielded by the constitution.

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  1 August 2006

Gushers of cool at the local Mall in Warsaw – by Embe, WarsawDaily Poland is a hotspot in a few ways this week. While the heatwave is starting to take its toll on fan stocks (Warsaw seems to be sold out of them), Blog from Poland reports on the annual...