· March, 2011

Stories about Humanitarian Response from March, 2011

South Sudan: The UN and civilian protection

  15 March 2011

Maggie discusses the UN and civilian protection in South Sudan: “As the Southern Sudanese army’s fight continues against rebel forces it claims are backed by the Khartoum government, the question of how everyday southerners caught in the crossfire can and should be protected is becoming increasingly urgent.”

Haiti: At the Intersection

  11 March 2011

Throwing Down the Water witnesses a scene which reminds her that “we contain infinite possibilities. And that if we accept the excuses most easily available to us, we are selling ourselves – and the world – short.”

India: Euthanasia Debate Re-kindled

  11 March 2011

The Indian blogosphere is buzzing with mixed emotions after the Supreme Court of India rejected the mercy killing petition filed by journalist Pinki Virani on behalf of Aruna Shanbaug who has been cared for and kept alive for 37years at the KEM hospital, Mumbai, India. Conversations abound on blogs, forums, comments on published news posts, Twitter and Facebook.

Japan: Tsunami Strikes Coast, Leaves Nothing in Wake

  11 March 2011

Following the country's largest earthquake in recorded history, Japan is being hit by it's most ferocious tsunami. People across the country are glued to their TV screens as scenes of a tsunami measuring more than 7 meters in height sweeping away cars and buildings flashes across the news.

Japan: Russian Twitterers Report the Earthquake

RuNet Echo  11 March 2011

The attention of Russian twitter-o-sphere is riveted on six Russian-speaking Twitterers that are currently reporting from Japan (all of them situated in different locations of the country): @msvetov, @japanreports, @mig22k, @sanmai, @touzoku, and @harunoko.

Russia: The Dead Journal

RuNet Echo  10 March 2011

Social networks strongly tie a person to themselves. The person opens a page under his/her name, puts out photographs, indicates interests, joins groups and communities, writes notes, shares impressions and thoughts. What happens to this page when the person dies?

Côte d'Ivoire: Fear of Medicine Shortage Looms

  10 March 2011

The political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire is ongoing, without any prospect of a solution in the short-term. Doctors in the country have warned of the prospect of imminent medical shortages, as a result of embargos that have been placed on ships docking in Ivorian ports. In this article, netizens and tweeps discuss the issue.

The Forgotten Palestinian Refugees of Libya

  9 March 2011

More than 10 percent of Libya's inhabitants are immigrants and among them there are reportedly up to 70,000 Palestinian refugee settlers. As they flee violence in the country, the Palestinian Authority has tried to coordinate their evacuation, but lack of identity cards has seen them turned away from a border crossing in Egypt.

Yemen: Saleh “declares war on Yemen” (Videos)

Once again, Yemen's security forces have shot and killed protesters calling for the resignation of long-term leader Ali Abdullah Saleh. This time, however, the killings took place at Sanaa University, under the nose of international media and observers. With local protesters and opposition members further enraged at the violence, what will the international community do?

Lebanon: Protests Against Sectarian Regime

More than 2,500 Lebanese citizens marched last Sunday (February 27, 2011) in the capital Beirut against the sectarian system which they think is the reason of the country's problems. Here's how it went and how the Lebanese online community reacted. Other protests are planned for tomorrow (March 5).

Panama: Law Modifying Mining Code to be Repealed

  4 March 2011

On March 3, President Ricardo Martinelli promised to repeal a law that modified Panama's mining code. The news were received with joy among Panamanians who saw the reforms as an attack on the environment. Reactions immediately appeared on social networks.