· January, 2008

Stories about Humanitarian Response from January, 2008

Palestine: Gaza Under Seige

  21 January 2008

Bloggers around the region are adding their voices to an international outcry as the Gaza Strip falls into darkness. A four-day Israeli blockade on the strip has led to the closure of the territory's only power station because of the lack of fuel.

Afghanistan: How to produce opium

  21 January 2008

Bipasha Ray says that Intrepid Independent reporter Patrick Cockburn finds that Afghans are helping Iraqi farmers grow poppy and produce opium, as traditional crops of oranges and pomegranates prove to be insufficient to provide a living wage.

China: The Vagrants behind the Wall

  19 January 2008

Beijing, the host of 2008 Summer Olympics, is trying to show every bright aspect of its stable and harmonious to the whole world, however, when you are almost convinced by the prosperous night scenes around the Forbidden City, you may never think behind some traditional Chinese-style walls, there is another totally different world.

Kazkahstan: Surviving or Prospering?

  17 January 2008

Kazakhstan is a country of contrasts, with no exaggeration: desperate poverty neighbors with arrogant wealth, economic growth is accompanied by decline of social sphere and expansion of state control, and tolerance abuts discrimination. Such is the set of topics in focus of Kazakhstani blogosphere this week. Eilide, a blogger living...

Kazkahstan: Surviving in the Steppe

  17 January 2008

Scaliger says that the famous Kazakh hospitality is vanishing into the past and recounts how people are surviving in remote rural areas — extortionate profiteering and traps for strangers are almost the only way to make living there.

Uzbekistan: Labor Migrants

  17 January 2008

Libertad writes about the problems Uzbek migrant workers face while working in foreign countries, refers to a report by an NGO on migrant workers and uploads photos of migrant labor workers leaving Uzbekistan in barrack-like buses.

Bosnia & Herzegovina, East Timor: A Comparison?

  14 January 2008

Greater Surbiton writes about East Timorese and Bosnian genocides and the double standards used by some when assessing the human losses: “Unfortunately, many of the same people who highlight the extent of East Timorese suffering, such as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Edward Herman and David Peterson, actually go out of...

Kyrgyzstan: Radiation Trains

  14 January 2008

Joshua Foust reports that a mysterious train filled with Cesium-137, bound for Iran, was nabbed at the Kyrgyz border with Uzbekistan, but Kyrgyz officials waited well over a week to disclose the incident.

Egypt: Chinese Goods

  10 January 2008

Chinese goods are swamping markets worldwide. Egyptians now have to deal with roving Chinese salesmen and women knocking on their doors. Tarek Amr brings us the story.

China: Destroying Corpse

  10 January 2008

Not only did the Hubei Tianmen City management team murdered Wei Wenhua, the police tried to rob his corpse in order to suppress the event. Izaobao describes that as Power Anomie (zh).

Kenya: Moving images of unrest and hope

  10 January 2008

A video walkthrough of the recent violent events in Kenya following the December 27th elections, with shocking images, insightful interviews and hopeful thoughts on the future.