· August, 2007

Stories about Humanitarian Response from August, 2007

Philippines: Extreme weather events alarm the public

  12 August 2007

Situated in the pacific ring of fire, the Philippine archipelago is usually ravaged by strong typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Yet, despite being no strangers to natural calamities, many Filipinos are alarmed over the freak weather events these past months.

Japan: 62 Years Later, Still Remembering

  10 August 2007

Sixty-two years have passed since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of World War Two. While people with first-hand experience of the bombing are disappearing, many people are fighting to keep their stories alive. Translations featured in this post include bloggers describing stories of the bombing, first-hand accounts of victims, a comparison of the way the history of events is taught in Japan and in the U.S., and thoughts about the relevance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the world of today.

Japan: Death Penalty Killings

  8 August 2007

The Asia Death Penalty blog has a post about an appeal from Amnesty International to stop the death penalty killings of three men in Japan scheduled for tomorrow (August 9th). As mentioned in the post, there are suspicions that the timing of the killings was scheduled to line up with...

Sudan: the documentary you are not supposed to watch

  6 August 2007

We Blog for Darfur writes about Jihad on the Horseback, a documentary the Sudanese president does not want you to watch: “The Arab media has sadly done a bad job at covering the Darfur conflict seriously and thoroughly. There hasn’t been any investigative piece of journalism or a documentary from...

China: Lost names of the brick kiln slaves

  5 August 2007

Following up on the horrific brick kiln slave scandal from earlier this summer, one journalist blogger has launched an online campaign to find the names and whereabouts of the more than three hundred freed kiln slaves the government failed to release, and to correct the faulty details on the small...

Serbia: More on Srebrenica Anniversary

  3 August 2007

Belatedly, a link to Jasmina Tesanovic's piece on the heat in Serbia, and, very belatedly, a link to her text on the 12th anniversary of Srebrenica tragedy (both hosted by Boing Boing), as well as Bruce Sterling's set of photos from the ceremony that took place at the Srebrenica graveyard...

Bulgaria: More on the Tripoli Six Release

  3 August 2007

Petya of bighead notes the overwhelming difference between reactions of Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian media on the release of the Tripoli Six. Declan Bultler guestblogs on “Liberty, Justice, HIV and Libya” over at Charkin Blog, and posts a Nature editorial “calling for Libya to go beyond the welcome political solution found...

Haiti: Simple Technology

  3 August 2007

“The teenagers in Haiti with rheumatic heart disease break our hearts when we examine their broken hearts.” Dr. John Carroll quotes The New England Journal of Medicine to support his view that simple technology can work wonders in resource-poor countries like Haiti.

Israel: Sudanese Refugees – like Darfur, as Auschwitz

Over the past several months, a growing number of Sudanese refugees have been crossing into Israeli territory through the Egyptian desert. The Israeli government has reacted by placing many in detention camps, and is currently considering their fate. Israeli bloggers are questioning their government's actions, comparing the situation to that...